The 5 Worst Things You Can Say To A Blogger

So, I’m no blogging genius.  When I first started blogging I had zero idea of the etiquette, cultish followings, or blogging cliques that existed.  I pretty much started this as a procrastination tool.  I’m still half-assed and hardly an expert; I have been dragging my feet even getting my self-hosted site up and running (does that even make sense?) because I have almost zero clue where to start (but dammit, I will learn, eventually.  I will).  But even with all that, I am starting to get some idea of what the blogging world is all about.

There are some phrases non-bloggers may or may not realize are not a good idea to say to someone who blogs:

1.  I read your blog. With no follow-up.  Oh. Thank you? You read it. But you didn’t say what it was exactly that you read. Or if you liked it. Or hated it. Or if it made sense.  Or if you connected with it at all.  Are you trying to tell me you are doing me a favor by reading it? Was it a chore? Did the post pique your interest and then disappoint?  Know that most bloggers are incredibly insecure, and also inept when it comes to verbal communication, so if you said this to us, we probably just nodded and ran away, thinking that whatever it was that you read was ridiculous, boring, and/or full of grammatical errors and typos.

2.  How’s your blog? Um. I don’t know. How IS it?  That isn’t really something a blogger can answer for you.  We like what we write…that’s why we write it.  But how do you measure how a blog is doing?  Are you asking if we still enjoy doing it?  Or how many people read it?  Or if we’ve made millions in advertising revenue?  No matter what the question, it’s clear that you aren’t interested enough to have any input about how the blog “is”.  At least that’s what our insecure brain is telling us you think.

3.  Does anyone read your blog?  Um, come on.  ANYONE?  You know at least my mom reads it.  And sometimes she forces her friends to.  So, um YEAH.  THEY DO. Humph.

4.  Are you still doing your blog?  Seriously?  If you really care, you’d just click the website and find out.  And if you don’t care, that’s fine, really.  We know that what we write might not be your style, or might not be interesting to you and that’s okay. But, your question belies your feigned interest.  Please don’t pretend like you care all of a sudden just because I ran into you at Starbucks.

5.  Nothing. This means you either didn’t read it or you read it and didn’t like it.  Did I mention that bloggers tend to be sensitive and unsure?  We are emotional scardey-cats. Hiss!  We can tell how many people read our posts, but we can’t tell who, unless you comment. However we do realize that it just isn’t everyone’s “thing” to comment on blog posts (we’re guilty of this too, sometimes you’re just too busy or don’t feel like you have anything of value to say) so this form of communication is much preferred to 1, 2, 3 or 4. It’s the lesser of all the evils.  Meow.

The 5 Worst Things You Can Say To A Blogger
The 5 Worst Things You Can Say To A Blogger

765 thoughts on “The 5 Worst Things You Can Say To A Blogger

  1. Oh god. I’m not insecure at all. I only absolutely second this list. I love your blog. I’m so glad you blog.

  2. 6) why do you have people on your Facebook you met through your blog?

    this comes from my family and high school people. AS if the only people worth knowing are ones who are from your hometown with whom you have nothing in common.

  3. Your insight and self-disclosure is intense, brave, witty and humorous. Your sensitivity and insecurity are part of your blogging gift to those who read it. (And your kitty is perfect for that poster.) Blog on!

  4. YUP! The Nothing one gets me the most. Especially when it comes to family who doesn’t read my blog! Grr. Or, this one: “How do you find the time?” which implies that I neglect something else, or that it’s not worth the time. Great list! I read your blog!

  5. After dealing with this shit with a prior blog I did for my family to update them about my kids, I didn’t tell anyone about this blog when I started it. Therefore, almost no real life conversations about my blog, no one telling me “I read your blog.” although in my case that actually would be news.

      1. I just found this blog when checking out WordPress. I like this blog, open, honest, straight from the mind to the fingertips, voila, it is a blog. I love your blog name, your cat is cool (the kitty in the pic). Now, I am sorta kinda not a dimwit, but am scared (read terrified) of trying to do a blog and flubbing it really bad. Advice welcome, the good, the bad and the OMG I would never do that, but it’s funny kind of advice. I do have a lot of random, relevant (at least in my head it is) stuff to “say”.

  6. #4 always gets to me… it’s like they’re saying my blogging is frivolous. meh!

    i’m guilty of #5 though. i’m mostly a blog stalker… i’m shy to leave a comment though i enjoy reading a lot of blogs. must be the insecurity thing, too. hehe. so thanks for giving me a push to leave a comment… glad i found your site! 🙂

    1. yea, don’t people understand how our blogs keep us sane and are important to us? meh indeed.

      i am also sometimes guilty of 5. and from blogger to blogger i feel like it’s less….annoying than if you know someone personally that is probably reading your blog!

  7. UGH you’re better off than I am. Even my mom doesn’t read mine. Also? Something to add to your list? Here’s one from a friend of mine recently who has a cause… “So if I send you something, will you write about it? And how many followers do you have?”

    Um. How many followers do YOU Have, she who has no blog?

    UGH. great post.

  8. Oh man, I got question two only a few days ago. I really didn’t know what to say because I think the person who asked believes that I monetize my blog – which I don’t – and they wanted to know how how much money I was making. It was awkward, to say the least.

  9. Really funny post, spot-on observations. 🙂
    I am pretty new to blogging and I just showed this to my husband, as he’s guilty of pretty much every thing on your list! He’s the only person who knows about my blog, though, and he says ‘I couldn’t write like that’ so he gets some Brownie points to make up for it…

  10. Agreed! I just recently had someone ask me if I actually wrote/took the photos on my blog. Hmmm. Do you know me at all?? Who do think is posting that stuff? Geesh. It made the total emotional insecurity so much worse.

  11. I read your post. Nah, I’m just kidding, I read it and I loved it. We are emotional attention addicts, aren’t we? It is sometimes funny how you think that you think that you are doing this for yourself, but when no one reads what you write it suddenly becomes no so “selve” and more about, where are my g**d** likes?!? All the best with your blog!

      1. Strangely enough I chose not to tell my family or any of my friends about my blog. I guess I just want a place to express myself without the polite friendliness and over-support that friends both give and ask for…

  12. 10 Best Replies to Idiotic Queries About Your Blog

    1. “I read your blog.”

    Reply: “I read ‘War and Peace.'”

    Because, hey, if this is a game of non sequitur literary declarations, I’m gonna win.

    2. “How’s your blog?”

    Reply: “Better than I expected, actually. It’s really true what they say about sex selling.”

    Now, I’m gonna time you to see how fast you can whip out that smart phone and find my home page, you rube.

    3. “Does anyone read your blog?”

    Reply: “It’s a private, invitation-only website. It’s really just for intellectuals and professionals.”

    Because, asshole.

    4. “Are you still doing your blog?”

    Reply: “Yep.” Then, after a long, up and down glance at their body, “Are you still working out?”


    5. “–”

    Reply: “–”

    Good. You’ve just survived another near miss with an idiot. Reward yourself with a glass of wine while you peruse your latest WordPress Dashboard stats. Cheers.

    1. Wish my brain would work quick enough to use one of these responses. It’s usually an hour or two later that I think… damn, that would have been a great response. 🙂

  13. Oh, this is brilliant. Also, it highlights the reason absolutely nobody I know in real life has the link to my blog 😛

  14. HOLY CRAP – All true. I had a stranger ask me “How’s the blogging coming?” when I was out somewhere. Left me completely freaked. I couldn’t agree more – totally insecure.
    Thanks for writing this!

  15. I eventually reach a point where I start to hide more posts than I publish. Maybe bloggers are shy… I cringe at, “I don’t know how you find the time/energy to blog”. Is the implication that it should be priority #last? I always answer that I’ll write whether I mean to or not. If I blog, I spare those I email from excessive verbiage!

    1. yes, it’s not really a choice, sometimes the words just NEED to pour out. Some of my best posts I’ve spent the least amount of time on, too. Sometimes the ones that I have to work longer at kind of suck.

  16. I invited my mom to read my blog, but she doesn’t. Mentioned it more than a few times to my sister, and she never reads it. I use it because I’m shy, I can talk to everybody and nobody at the same time. NTFC Nicky I completely agree, nobody I see in real life has the link!

  17. Nice post. I like your blog. I read this post. Do I like it? YES. Am I insecure? Quite possibly. Readers can be the judge !

    PS. I would never let my mom read my blog… (take a look)

      1. Yeah… I like when my friends and family are non-judgemental to my thoughts. That is by not telling them exactly how I feel.

  18. I’m a new blogger. Sensitive is an understatement BUT I love to write and I do have something to say so I write. I absolutely LOVE this post because it’s SO TRUE! I can’t tell you how many times people have said that they’ve read or seen my blog and yet provide no feedback, don’t say yay, nay, you stink and so does your mama – NOTHING! But I continue to write because I hope to help or inspire someone else. So there you have it! Keep writing, I LOVE IT!!

  19. i agree. It is frustrating not knowing what is thought and by whom. I asked several times for feedback and got nothing in return. Yet they click like. Go figure.

  20. Got a chuckle out of #3, mostly because I think my mom is one of the few people that actually reads my blog, even if the subject of the day is fantasy football. I tend to get “nothing” as most people in my circle are not into technology, many of them are just getting into this whole smartphone thing. Thanks for the good read!

  21. Love it- just starting the whole blogging thing myself after hearing about it for *years* and YES there’s a bell dinging above my head! One thing I’ve found likable about blogging- there are so many others like yourself, that being anxious about your posts and sensitive about reviews seems almost… normal. Thanks for that brief illusion I’ll take what I can get! 😀 Seriously, thanks for sharing.

  22. Totally agree and I’m a new-ish Blogger. The nothing one totally made me smile since none of my local friends have said one word to me about the blog. Makes me wonder if they think the next day’s post will be about them. Come on… I have enough class to waitat least a few days. Haha 🙂

  23. First off congrats on Freshly Pressed!! Had I not looked on Freshly Pressed today, I would not had a great laugh….. I can honestly say I have only looked at Freshly Pressed maybe 2 or 3 times in the past year. I am not a writer, I just have had a crazy screwed up life. My grammar sucks , I have tons of typos and grammar police stalk me. I fall into the insecure category :0

    1. thanks! i look only periodically at freshly pressed too, only so much time and life gets in the way, but whenever I do i always find some good reads. boo on the stalkage from grammar po-po!

  24. This is a great procrastination tool, isn’t it. And those cultish followings? Yeah, they’re kind of fun. I’ve had some enjoyable experiences commenting back and forth with writers all on another’s blog and post. Pass the kool-aid.

  25. I’ve been blogging off and on at various places for over ten years and I STILL know jack about cliques, fans, manners, etc. I have gone from being a sensitive scaredy cat, through a passive-aggressive bitch phase, straight on to every morning of bleeding my heart and rage out on a computer page! Blog on, and if the critics don’t like it? Moon ’em!

  26. #7: Any inquiry as to whether or not you have a life. I once read someone’s (fictional) opinion that blogging was for people who didn’t have a life. I link it to the emotional thing.

    Congratulations on being FP!

  27. Your mum reads your blog? Luuucky! I can’t even get my mum to read my text messages. Or the labels on my insulin…hmm starting to feel a little light headed…MUM?

  28. Some days I am glad even if all I get is likes from the reader without a visit, but I do prefer the visits.

  29. Also if you ever get disheartened you should check out my blog for two reasons. 1) I am the author of the critically acclaimed “successful Blogging 101” and 2) by visiting my site then you’ll realize, hey it could always be worse!

      1. It means I left my WordPress account open to your article my husband decided it would be absolutely hilarious to tell you “tiny goat steaks”. (mistaking your post for one of mine — he’s not a blogger, obviously) Your guess is as good as mine as to what it means.

        In other news, I thought your post was true to the core.
        “How is your blog?”
        “I don’t know, why don’t you tell me? Clearly you spend so much time reading it.”

  30. Since I’ve stated blogging I’ve felt like I have finally found the ideal hobby. Still learning but enjoying. What do you blog about I was asked recently. If you are that interested you will find me and then you can see for yourself I said back.

  31. I always get “why do you need to share your personal life with perfect strangers?”
    Good post, I enjoyed it.

  32. This is fantastic. Especially since I had a hissing cat in my dream last night and so many other things that you posted in this post that are too freaky to be accidental. I always say there are no coincidences. The last one, #5 is the biggest one. Urrrrgh there is nothing worse than views with just silence… Cause it leaves you inside your head and we all know that for us writers it can get ugly in there… Lol. Thanks for the post.

  33. What chaps me is people who know that I write a blog about my life but who don’t ever bother to read it, then ask me for an “update” or “all the news” since last we spoke, when I’ve already written about everything interesting that’s happened to me. I tend to send those people links instead. 😛

    1. totally agree and undestand this. especially if i blog about something really important (which also tends to be hard for me to discuss, fully, in person) like my last miscarriage or something like that.

  34. Oh my gosh! You have my laughing so hard! I just started blogging, because I love to write, but my goodness gracious, I’m very insecure about it, especially when it comes to verbal communication. I “love” (that’s sarcasm) it when people ask me, “So, what’s your blog about?” That’s an uncomfortable question. It’s just random stories from my life. But if I say that, I get an “Oh. nice,” and we awkwardly move on. I need to come up with a better answer. 🙂

  35. I did a blog for one month, stuffed my posts with cartoons, then ran out of creativity. It freaked me out. The blog was like a hungry monster I couldn’t feed anymore… so I unplugged.

    I’m back in the game. I’ve mutated to another side of my personality…but that scardey-cat feeling you refer to…that’s me all over!

    Good post. Thoroughly enjoyed it:)

    1. I worry ALL THE TIME that I will NEVER AGAIN think of a good post. I try to not pressure myself at all with needing to post in any regular time frame…but the anxiety still sets in sometimes.

  36. Correct you are. I’m an addict for my stats page. Hoping like a slot machine, it’ll go my way. A little better, two more visitors than before. If they comment at least I’ll know or have an idea what I’m doing right or wrong. Neutral stinks. Thanks for the read.

  37. And! And! “I don’t read your blog because I don’t believe in them”, “What’s your blog FOR, exactly?”, “I won’t be following your blog because I already get too many emails every day”, “Who ARE all these people who read what you write? (implying you’re all a bunch of weirdos)”, and my personal favourite: “What do you find to write ABOUT every day?”. Love your blog. Very well written, very funny. Think I’ll follow you to see if there’s more where that came from!

      1. True, but they’re in no position to point fingers either! I mean, imagine not being riveted by our deathless prose, fascinating opinions and mordant humour. Losers. 🙂

  38. I don’t have anything to say but I’m going to post this because I like your style of writing and this article was great. =) I’m crossing my fingers that I didn’t say anything wrong. Not to say that I didn’t read this post thoroughly, I did, I just hope you didn’t leave out anything…

  39. I don’t have anything to say but I’m going to post this because I like your style of writing and this article was great. =) I’m crossing my fingers that I didn’t say anything wrong. Not to say that I didn’t read this post thoroughly, I did, I just hope you didn’t leave out anything…

  40. I agree with this whole heartily especially with #5. Just started my blog and almost regret telling my family who have yet to bring it up since I announced it 😦 ah well. I’ll still go on 🙂

  41. I’ve never read your blog (is it ok to say that…? honesty is ok right…?) but your freshly pressed status (totally jealous) drew my attention to this super funny, scarily accurate post. You are so right!

  42. As someone who just started blogging with word press less than a month ago, I enjoyed reading your post. I found it to be interesting and educational. I come into blogging with a journalism background and I feel I too have a lot to learn about blogging and using word press.

  43. I think we both know I read your blog. I enjoyed and found some measure of understanding of my own blogging ego. *big sigh* thank you for the briefest of glimpses into the extremely relatable minds of other bloggers.

  44. Until I started blogging, I’ve realized what those things really imply. HAHA I used to say some of it to my friend.

    Permission to reblog this 😉

  45. Having just published my first post today, I would be thrilled if anyone said anything about my blog. But I still enjoyed this and will dream of the day that I can be annoyed with comments about my blog.

  46. I just started a blog to release pent up rage….is this a bad thing? lol Seriously though, I have had the crappiest year ever, and your blog made me laugh, really laugh, which is quickly becoming a foreign concept at the moment. I plan on reading more, because if this one was good and made me smile, I’m looking forward to the rest ^_^

    PS LOVE the kitty, I have 4. If you would also like a “Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit” write to: I kid! rotf

      1. Likely. I just want a record so I don’t make the same mistakes, and possibly so I can look back one day and go, “Ha! See!? Look there, right there!! I had it, it just took me a minute is all!” lol

  47. This absolutely sums up how I am feeling right now. Granted I have only been blogging for a short while, but, I have sure already gotten ALL of these comments and have ALL of the insecurity to go along with it. Good times… ha! Thanks for sharing!

  48. I *connected* with this entry. And I’m new to this so I’ll start by saying I’m sure my mom doesn’t know how to type “blog”, much less find mine. So if you’re one of those a fore mentioned insecure bloggers, perhaps you have things to work on that don’t involve making lists about other peoples comments?

  49. There, there, kitty we’ll be careful not to rub you the wrong way. Can I just mention, though that worse than ‘I read your blog’ is someone clicking on the follow button without commenting on what inspired him/her to do so. That is the absolute pits, believe me.

  50. Earlier emotional-wreckie reporting: I have read this post, but not more. I went into the freshly pressed, and there you were. Glad your mum reads your blog, I don`t quite dare to show her mine:)

  51. Very true!! I’m so messed up that I never told people in my life about my blog because I feared their rejection (it’s easier with strangers). (Oh, and because I didn’t want anyone to know what I was really thinking).

    I loved your # 1 especially and think it’s perfect! My anonymity plan backfired when a blog post I wrote went viral on facebook last month (I’m still not sure how it started!?!) and people in my life received it and realized it was me. I started hearing from hurt/angry friends who were shocked that I didn’t tell them about it. They’d say “I found your blog” or “I read your blog,” and “Why didn’t you tell me about it?” But no one followed it up with an “I think it’s great!” or “I think it’s terrible, no wonder you didn’t tell us.” Nothing. No “likes” or comments on my blog (good or bad) or in real life about the content. Just silence and crickets chirping. And these people should know how insecure I am! 😉 So I think you are spot on!

    I think your blog is great, by the way!!

      1. It took me a couple of weeks to decide it was a good thing that it had gone kind of mainstream. I’ve gotten a lot of really amazing comments from strangers and my new blogging friends, so I’ve been extremely fortunate in that sense. I’ll just be careful about what I say about my husband and his mother going forward! 😉
        Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  52. Amazing. So true. The one I get sometimes from people is “You haven’t updated your blog in a few days. Why?” Geeze, I’m not a machine. Again, great post and congrats on being freshly pressed!

    1. a few DAYS?! Holy fuck, that’s ridiculous. I suppose I’m a slacker but I post a few times a week MAX and sometimes go weeks or months with nothing. You should take it as a compliment that your posts must be really good though if they want to read more?!

  53. What could be worse than receiving a comment that says “I believe you should change your title into this…” Like you wrote that title on a whim or what. Just adding something that we, bloggers, will sure hate to hear.

    But , you certainly hit all all of us with those “things”.

  54. Ha ha – pretty much, yup 🙂

    I’ve had a former employer (I ended up ‘retrenched’ with someone in my place a week later – August 2013), she said things ALL AROUND the fact I blog, but never actually SAID IT. Such as, “Your life is an open book…. for some reason / I know you quite cyber savvy / I know you like to write…”

    All of that was worse than any of the above. It was subtly humiliating.

    But ‘Does anyone read your blog?’ would have to be the worst!

    Cheers on FP 🙂

      1. I think she became aware of my life, history and hardships, and began to view me differently. I did a video here about it – – and in it also I say I believe it is related to when I came off antidepressants (without announcing it on the blog, without telling anyone), and I was unwell about a week – she really nit-picked my performance that week, then continued, seemed to go on a roll, and she just got worse (even when I was actually better).

        I think my blog caused her to view me differently, in short.

  55. That was fabulous! I can definitely relate. Although sometimes I’m happier to hear the words ‘I read your blog’ with no follow up, rather than ‘I read your blog but I think you should write about blah blah blah instead beauce that’s what I would rather read’.

    Here’s my take on receiving unsolicited blogging advice

  56. I loved this too I thought I was the only one with zero confidence when it comes to blogging and I allowed it to stop me contributing! Thanks for reminding me it’s a learning process.

  57. I read your post – and I truly liked it – in my mind and per pressing the like-button. I thought I will also follow you, so not to fall into point no.1 😉
    Honestly, I thought is was brilliant. Looking forward into reading more of your posts 🙂

        1. Oh dear. The worst of it is…I just hope I get comments! Sounds rather needy of me but honesty is the best policy, right? Lol Cheers x

  58. #8: I haven’t had time to read your blog.
    #9: I still haven’t had a chance to read your blog.
    [Mind you, I would probably have said the same until I started my own blog.]

  59. Yes, Five times yes! I am so glad you put this out there. Preaching to the choir and all that, I have to say that there are no end of times someone has totally wazzed me off by being “that guy”. At least now I know it’s not just me that get’s wazzed off.

  60. When someone says “I read your blog” I usually say, “And……?” or “What did you think?” I’m always curious what somebody thinks of it and if there’s something I can improve about it.

  61. I love the list. But it missed out my all time worst thing that was said to me:

    “You have a blog??? So you tell the world every time you have a bowel movement?”

    Can we add that to the list?

    [I feel I ought to clarify that my blog is in no way related to defecation.]

  62. I am new to blogging and really need some honest criticism about my writing, I can handle that. It’s difficult however when people judge your posts because they don’t relate to them. If you’re not my target audience, of course you may not feel a connection, but it would be nice to get some do/don’t advice. I know my target audience is out there, I just need to reach them! Wheelchair dog walking, adaptive sports, hardcore wheelchair basketball, overcoming disability. The interest must be out there somewhere!

  63. Thanks for this. Big motivator. I just started blogging and, well, I was too chicken to put it out there, and now I am. Retardedly scary and cathartic too. Your post gave me insight into why we all blog.

  64. Who you calling an emotional scaredy cat? 😉

    Great post! I love putting people from #1 on the spot by asking them which posts they read and which they enjoyed the most.

  65. “Did I mention that bloggers tend to be sensitive and unsure?” Yes we are. I don’t know how many times I have posted something, felt really good about it, only to be absorbed in self doubt a short time later.

  66. I am on my fourth year of blogging. Wish I could say this changes after a while. But, no, it doesn’t. 🙂 Congrats on your feature! FP! Wonder what they will say about that?

  67. This is all so true! I get so many snide remarks about my blog from people who don’t have a clue! Thing is, we blog and we put ourselves out there and create content and what do they do? Nada!

      1. I just don’t know what to say. That seems, to me, to be more a question for specific writings. Not, an entire ongoing site devoted to a persons writings. Even the straightforward blogs (Gardening for instance) are about so many different aspects of gardening,. I suspect this would be annoying even if I could just “sum it up” neatly . 🙂

  68. I’ve had a few non-committal responses to my blog….sure makes me wonder! You make excellent points! I find your writing wonderful and humorous! I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  69. Interesting points. My worst case scenario would be: ‘Could you make your outpourings a little simpler so lesser mortals might stand a better chance of following them?’ Luckily, yet to get it!

  70. Great insight, even though writers may be insecure and sensitive, I still believe it to be a huge act of courage to write and also requires enormous balls to put yourself out there for the world to love, hate and usually ignore. There is a strange intimacy when you open yourself up and let someone read your thoughts, emotions and/or rants and raves— allowing someone to fondle your mind can be akin to being clumsily groped on a one night stand or made love to by a soul mate. Sometimes ya just got to get naked and see what happens, besides, masturbation is no substitute for being touched by another. Just don’t let the publishers pimp you out or rape you. Thanks for the great post.

  71. I just fell in love with your post. #4 “Are you still doing your blog?” annoys the mess out of me. Like, really? If you really wanted to know, you would go to my link, or find it on my website like I should you — a while back. Ugh, so annoying. I’m such a blogger lol.

  72. OMG! I have found “my People”. Such a great post. Thank your for starting my day with a good laugh. The other bit of dialogue that terrifies me is the inevitable “what do you do?” question. Any advice because December is fast approaching and this question comes up a lot at the dreaded cocktail party.

  73. Oh yes! Thank you! As a beginner blogger this and so much more! Right now just keep sharing it on my Facebook in hopes someone will read my blog and connect! Not sure if my mother reads my blog though…May I re-blog this on Mommy Needs A Cuss Jar please?

      1. Writing for myself would entail a lot of swearing as I cannot vocalize all I want to say to my child lol. I think that is the main reason for my blog only because I go crazy as a stay at home mom.

        1. Let it be your out, then. Go ahead and swear it up. don’t censor yourself for the perception of your audience.

          If your blog is your “dime store therapy”, then allow it to be. My motorcycle and days at the range for “dime store therapy” with my writings being just additional gravy.

          Should anyone complain about how you do your entries or try to make it reflect you as a mother with your tone and language, forget them.

          Genuine hope your blog brings you satisfaction and is appreciated by at least one person! That’s what I strive for at least.

  74. The problem with most “bloggers” is they write for an audience, instead of themselves. I write for myself, and if other people like it, then that’s a bonus. I honestly don’t care if it’s only myself, my wife, or one of my friends like an entry. If it’s only one person, then I’m satisfied. Of course I’m always satisfied since I always like my entries.

    Because I never refer to what i do as blogging, being a blogger, nor having a blog people generally don’t ask about my blog. When they do, they usually ask, “Do you still write on the Internet?” or “You still write?”

    As far as my more serious writings go, like my short stories, the reason people ask is because I generally don’t show them to anyone. The only they know about are my online entries, which are mostly comedic in tone, and sometimes the conversations we have go in line with one, so I’ll read a few lines as a sample.

    I’m pretty sure my mother still wishes I would just write my stories and not what I do online. I think she’s the biggest supporter of wanting it taken down. *L*

    1. That’s a good point. Someone else mentioned that she calls hers a “writer’s site” which I LOVE. Because yes, that’s why I’m writing (and why I often ignore all the inane rules and ettiquette). Totally agree with this idea here.

    1. Brought it up in other posts, but write for yourself and not for an audience. Also, leaving comments on other people’s blogs and making responses can get people to check you out.

  75. so true! these really are the worst things you can say. I actually like it when people comment, but barely anyone does. If you can’t comment and you liked it, at least like it. It does something for me sometimes.

  76. I’ve only been blogging for 19 days and i can already see how annoying it would be to hear those! Fortunately i’ve never had somebody say any of those to me, and i’ve not even thought about saying them to anybody else. Thanks for this post, you may have saves me my head! 😛

  77. Sometimes when people say nothing they are actually gaga over your blog, they just don’t want you to think they’re stalking you

  78. In the beginning, it was so exciting for me, I talked about it with friends. Now I am more reserved. I think if I had kept it on the down low I would have been better off. My own book club has never been to my blog….
    I think the word “blog” is a turn off. I would love to coin the term “writer’s site.” We can all relate!

  79. I’m with you all the way — right down to the cat. He read the blog as well, but offered no comment. At least nothing intelligible anyway. Frankly, I think he’s more emotional secure than I am.

  80. Haha you’re hilarious. This post is so true and deserved to be on Freshy Pressed! Glad I found your blog this way 🙂

  81. I absolutely love this post, it had me laugh out loud, no really it did. I understand completely what you’re saying, and as a visual artist writing for me can be a bit of foreign territory, and awkward. Often don’t quite know what to say in my own blog. I’m glad there’s someone out there that feels the same about having basically no feedback. I think at one point I actually made a post asking if there was anyone out there, and got no response. How sad was that, so instead I put whatever out there and hope someone sees it along the way. Thanks for putting it out there. And by the way… I read your blog. 😛

  82. I liked your blog about worst things to say to a blogger. I too am striving to overcome procrastination. Its been suggested to me to start a blog over a year ago. I just got around to looking into it. I’ll create one eventually and my mom (biggest supporter) will read mine too.

      1. True , nearly no one reads mine , but still you slowly are becoming a terrible addict for looking at your own blog statistics ( even if it serves no purpose at all ) , … ( err … what next ? )

  83. I love this! especially with the “almost zero clue where to start”. seriously, im still facing that thing! nice blog!

  84. I think the worst one is nothing, even if you are the type of blogger that writes harsh things that stump people, you still deserve a little – OMG you scared me for life!:” Right”?

  85. Thank you, Thank you. The whole list is great and I am so happy to know that I am not the only one. I am so clueless, I didn’t even know other bloggers felt this way. I have to re-blog this. Thank you again.

  86. Delightful post! I read it, I read a few other things on your blog as well, and, oh yeah, I followed you too, since you are definitely awesome. And I wasn’t about to be guilty of #5 by not commenting. 😛 Cheers!

  87. i just recently took blogging seriously, like posting almost everyday. and just this week i felt 1 out of 5, specifically, the nothing part. writing is fun though, and like you, i use it as a legitimate excuse to procrastinate.

  88. Okay.. I admit I AM sensitive and insecure.. I delete my personal blogs all the time, and then feel unfulfilled and start a new one..

  89. Must admit, I had to think for more than five seconds before writing this comment, so your blog had an impact on me. But then, I wouldn’t want to say anything to offend deliberately. Thought your post was to the point!

  90. ~ I love #1! They should have just give us feedback instead, right? Before I forget, lemme congratulate u on being FP! Yours is a simple but cool post. You nailed it! 🙂 – Bliss, The Lurker’s List

  91. Very good points, I too have not been at this very long, but it is impossible to read through the countless blogs out there I find interesting to read. Some blogs are very lengthy, which take a considerable amount of time to go through, but I do my best.

  92. This is so true!!!! I’ve had my blog for a little over half a year, and I usually post once a week. One time I was busy with school and stuff, and I skipped a week. The day after I next posted, I was talking to my friend and I mentioned something about my post, and she said “I was wondering whether to say something, you weren’t posting anything!!!” I had no idea what to say. I think blogs are just this kind of thing that we need to feel like we have absolute control over, so we don’t necessarily like when other people talk to us about it, because we can’t control their response

  93. People are either bloggers or they’re not. So many people out there cannot comprehend why people would share things about their lives online. If something you write informs or helps or entertains somebody, than you have succeeded…nonbloggers don’t get that…they don’t see how that can be possible.

  94. Haha great blog 🙂 i can’t stop laughing at the question does anyone read your blog 🙂 love it 🙂 (and sorry if i make grammar mistakes, i usually don’t speak english 😉 )

  95. Have just started blogging and about to start posting all these essays and rants and raves I have been storing on my computer, notebook, desk drawer for years and never had the confidence to share with anyone… Still haven’t told my mum about it though- should I?? (She is probably a subject in a few rants) So maybe not…Yet! Maybe after Christmas when I have written some more! Thanks for the heads up on what to expect from the blogging community! x

  96. Loved this. I blog because I love to write and on the slim, remote, slight, ridiculous chance that someone might find humor and/or interest in it. Since we can track how many people read our blog, with little feedback of same (cue in insecurity), I’m quick to conclude that they all think it sucks! Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone in this cold, cold blog world lol!

  97. YES, thanks for writing this. I haven’t been a regular blogger lately, and right now I’m sort of staying under the radar as a blogger, so my friends have no idea about my blog. But when I DID publicly blog, I remember thinking these exact same things. Like, why the hell would you ask me if I still blog? Just check yourself!

  98. Ha! I have heard all five (four? plus silence?) of these, which goes to show that even the most amateur of us can relate. My mother also likes telling people that I have at least one dedicated reader (that would be her…), so helpful:) Great post!

  99. I’m still at the “Oh, you have a blog?” stage. I get over excited when I see someone has read it, even if apart from a couple of friends the followers all seem to be wanting me to make my millions from my blog by simply subscribing to their newsletter or something. Keep reminding myself I do this because things fight to get out of my head into the real world, not because I actually expect people to be waiting with bated breath for my next dollop of musing.

    This is all ahead of me, apart from the sensitive and insecure bit – seem to have that down pat.

  100. Great post! The picture had me laughing. Bloggers pretty much sew their hearts on their sleeves so we all tend to be a little sensitive! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed, cheers to blogging!

  101. Very good piece! I certainly hate when people simply say “I read your blog” without elaborating. I would rather they not even tell me that if they’re not going to say anything further. All non-bloggers should really read this piece.

  102. odd thing, blogs.. 🙂 I post only to inspire.. I don’t do personal – or rarely do.. I really hope to uplift people, To pass on knowledge gained.. I don’t have much of a following, true. Perhaps because I don’t rant on about my personal life. Who Knows? My blog is read, although not by many on “word press..” I won’t make freshly pressed, (known as freshly pi**ed by some.. lol… but that’s okay. My blog is my diary – something to turn too when I need to. ~ leave you with a thought…. Technology…the knack of so arranging the world that we don’t have to experience it… Max Frisch.

      1. an inspirational diary of daily quotes and prose.. yes.. somewhere to look back on.. – or a gathering of those words that touched me in some way. 🙂

  103. Having just written my first blog yesterday I found your post today. It is very funny. It also is scary in a way. I don’t think I gave any thought to the sort of person I am before commencing. I can identify with a lot of the points raised. I think I would like to have read your blog before launching into my little effort, perhaps my first attempt would be better if I had. I will now worry about people not wanting to read my blog and I will then try to find excuses for their not doing so and in the end I will now worry myself sick. Thanks

  104. I read and like your blog.. I love your matter-of-fact writing style . No waffle. I’ve only started my blog and when people ask me how’s my blog, I get a bit tetchy and can’t understand why. Thank you for validating my feelings! :0)

  105. You know at least my mom reads it. And sometimes she forces her friends to. So, um YEAH. THEY DO. Humph…………………. Hehehe i enjoyed this line alot 😀 ….

      1. But i cant even say this right now 🙂 as i m kind of new Blogger here and my mother do not use internet 🙂 hehehe

  106. I definitely have to agree with this. There’s nothing worse than putting yourself out there, encompassed with all your thoughts and feelings, and people just say those things to do. Makes the insecurity that much worse, that’s for sure. I really enjoyed reading this. Your writing is excellent! 🙂

  107. I do so agree with you! And also at the beginning you describe exactly how I feel; not knowing how the blogging world works, the etiquette, the people etc… I feel kinda lost a lot of the time T_T
    But well, guess it just takes time and after all, yep, at least my mom reads my blog 😉

  108. “…inept when it comes to verbal communication…”

    That is an astute observation concerning bloggers. I would like to know the percentage of WordPress bloggers who identify as introverts,
    since introverts are typically better communicators in the written format.

    On another note…I told my sister I started a blog. “But I only have 20 followers at this time,” I state.

    “That’s twenty more than you had when you started,” she stated. I love her for that, for offering me a positive and realistic perspective.

    So to add to your list…What “to” say to a blogger….

  109. My favorite type of comment on my blog(s) are the ones completely unrelated to what I have posted. They aren’t spam, per se, but you think, “Did you just read anything I have read?”

    And I love it when people email me and ask me if I can post about something that is completely unrelated to my content. I have one self-hosted blog that is related to the 1920s, and every week some guy emails me with suggestions (because I ask for them in my contact page) that have nothing to do with the 1920s or even remotely close to being inspired by it. I message him back and say, “Well, this (whatever it is) does not fit within the scope of my blog” he gets catty and says “YOU asked for suggestions.” *sigh* People just don’t pay attention. That is why I have started a new free blog on WP to see how things go with it and if I should bother paying the expense for commenters like the above mentioned guy. lol

    1. True. Sometimes I worry about that, if I am reflecting only a part of a blog, but I’m sure at least my point, and the relation to the writing itself, comes through. Which is important.

  110. I couldn’t have said it better.
    There’s those people that read the posts and insist on giving you real life comments…like seriously? have you ever gotten a-hold of Dan Brown or Jeffery Archer to tell them how amazing they’re writing is? or how you liked this specific scene? didn’t think so.

    I loved this.
    *Mapenzi.Love* 🙂

  111. I just have been blogging for about a month and I can already tick all five annoying sentences off! I wrote one article in which I appealed to anonymous bloggers to show their names, to show who’s the person behind those letters, that are sometimes funny, sometimes interesting and sometimes even brillant, but everytime more than their authors consider. Thanks to these comments I got at least one reason to stay anonymous as a blogger. (sorry for mistakes, I’m not a native speaker)

  112. I like this post! Sometimes I wonder if my parents are my only readers too 🙂 I used to write my blog as an extra publicity tool for my music, but now I’m enjoying writing so much it doesn’t matter so much to me how many people read it (just today I had my 5000th view!)

  113. #5 is one I have been feeling and scratching my head on….I am new to blogging and I’m trying to learn the ropes. I question if I’m doing it right…..thanks for the above blog, at least I know I’m not the only one who feels this way and this helps me feel a bit better about myself. If you or anyone would like to take a look at what little bit I have written and tell me your thoughts and/or suggestions I would be extremely grateful. I just wrote one on Forgiveness that was hard to write, took 2 days before I had it good enough and the courage to publish it. Thanks again for your thoughts on what you’ve learned!!!

  114. I just joined Word Press yesterday and I saw this entry. I’m glad you posted this because I’m not used to the blogging atmosphere, this my first blogging attempt. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I’ll keep these pointers in mind.
    -sincerely, A Word Press Newbie
    Ps. If you have any advice, I’m a great listener! 🙂

      1. Thanks 🙂 I have a question, are you better off blogging about your life, or things people would actually be interested in, as in daily problems? Because I would like to know if ever blogger has a theme.

  115. Here you! I feel like its a fight to get my friends and family just to hit the follow button! I love when I asked, “Did you check out my blog”? And the reply is… “Oh, I’m going to”. This is all while I’m chatting with them on FB. It’s easier to get perfect strangers to read it!

  116. So I’ve heard all of those too smh. Lol that I’m not the only one who wants to scratch someone’s eyes out for using those options! The world needs to know this is a violation to a blogger!!!

  117. Hah this made me giggle. i have just started a blog back up again, well like an hour ago actually, i used to have one a while ago and then life got REALLY busy. But i know what you mean, but to me the blog is mostly for myself, and i am thinking it would be so fun to go back through all my posts in a few years and see how much we do actually change!

  118. Great discussion here! I read your post with interest and found the comments pretty amazing. I quoted your blog today on a post I wrote- thank you for sharing such great insight!

    I usually write for international travelers, and found your comments on acceptance for bloggers to be equally applicable so I created an “worst 5” and added a “best 5 things to say” for accepting and understanding people who are from elsewhere.

    I’m looking forward to checking back often (and not to commit any of the 5 worst!)

  119. well according to the comment doodad I’m number 534. You are experiencing the same balls I am. No commenters of any worth. Grrr!

  120. I just began blogging and wrote something about being unsure about my posts. Currently, this is not posted, as I am unsure about posting.

  121. Absolutely spot on! Cousins of mine swore they regularly read my blog. When I was checking my blog post they walked up behind me and asked “What is that?”… Jeez!

  122. I am very new to the blog space and it is nice to know that I am not alone in my insecurities. I like to think that blogging is similar to talking to myself, sometimes someone might listen, or not p.s. you cat is lovely!

  123. Scaredy cats – so true. The minute that email comes in from WordPress, titled “___ liked your blog post!” yet there’s no comment, or even the follow email, I’m left with no idea why. Blogging is weird. Fairly new to it here on WP but agree, without “real” comments on the content, I don’t know if anyone likes it, or why they follow. I’m guilty of the #5. Just keeping my trap shut, cos most of the stuff I read, I tend to disagree with and instead of leaving negative comments, I just don’t leave any. OMG, Hope that’s not why I’ve no comments? Scaredy cat me lol. Anyway, great post and I certainly can relate. Awesome writing!

  124. I am very new to the blogging world and have already heard many of these things coming from friends and family. Happy to know I’m not the only blogger going through it!

  125. Hey you, spell “scaredy” cats right, why don’t you? lol Just kidding my friend. Love the blog so far. I have MS and though I have several blogs where I post occasionally I usually run out of steam before I get around to responses and etiquette. I’m still trying to figure out how to operate WordPress. I hope you don’t mind that I follow your blog on my page. Have a great day! – The Mudge

  126. This is great- I encounter this all the time on my own blog, and it pisses me right off! HAHA! People randomly comment on my facebook page and go “Hey you still writing on that blog”

    “THAT…BLOG?!?!?!” COME ON!


  127. When I tell people I have a blog and I get the awkward silence or the blink, blink, blink…but then they’ll turn around and tell me I should check out someone else’s blog…Priceless

  128. Thank you for the hilarious post. When I started blogging almost a month ago, I was disturbed by the lack of comments. I worried a lot that my writing was the reason for it, until one fine morning when I got my first comment. Yay! Your post so true and to the point.

  129. As a blogger this is very insightful and a quick reminder of what not to say to a fellow blogger. Luckily I am only guilty of “are you still doing your blog?” and after reading this all I can say is ouch.

  130. This post, YES. I just started this blog but I have a few niche blogs. I rarely share them the people in my life because of these very things. Also

    6) Do you ever blog about…”___”

  131. I like your blog, I read your posts, and I read your posts and thick about what you said. I use my blog to vent on topics that people search about, and if I have had a bad experience with some place I have been to or seen I have no problem letting people who read my blogs know how I feel, I don’t sugar coat anything, I don’t agree with a lot of topics so I must be a racist. Myron…

  132. Re” I read your blog” – I’m just so thrilled that people took five minutes out of their already crowded lives to read MY blog, I don’t even care what they think….much….