3 a.m. Feedings

3 a.m. feedings are more than feedings. They are snuggles and safety and softly sung songs. They are cozy and comfortable and contented.   Or discontented.   They are waffle printed and lavender scented. They are sniveling and sweating and shushing, and are viewed through puffy eyes, crusted with sleep. They are restless and fatiguing and short.   Or long.   And they are beautiful. … Continue reading 3 a.m. Feedings

An Open Valentine to Mr. Grouch

I thought I had already completed my obligatory Valentine’s Day post, when I wrote a love letter to my nasal irrigation system.  But, then I thought there was no reason to disregard my OTHER lovey-dovey.  No need to mention which or whom I love more. Mr. Grouch, you are a man apart, You wake me with your Good Morning fart. We met in the year Nineteen … Continue reading An Open Valentine to Mr. Grouch

An Ode To My Nasal Irrigation System

An Ode To My Nasal Irrigation System I threw it on the ground and burst into tears, A green-snotty tissue, one of my worst fears! An ode to you, my nasal rinse, Even if you sometimes make me wince. Some may balk at the suggestion, But you help me to prevent congestion. You save the day with your salty brine, I’m oh-so-happy you are mine. … Continue reading An Ode To My Nasal Irrigation System

A Bit Of Gray Peeking Out

Don’t you hate? Heavy lids, dull eyes, jealous heart. Hateful thoughts, ugly lies escaping. The stifling cocoon of inadequacy. Slumping shoulders, curved spine, bent knees. Longing for the all-consuming comfort of open wounds. The weight of exhaustion.     Don’t you love? A bit of release. A full intake of breath, balanced with a paired exhale. A bit of gray peeking out, from behind the … Continue reading A Bit Of Gray Peeking Out