An Ode To My Nasal Irrigation System

Underwater Soap Opera

Call Me A Fanfaron This Week

Paper Fetish

The 5 Worst Things You Can Say To A Blogger

The One Question Every Teacher Needs to Ask Their Students

How Vaccinations Are Like Wool Blankets

Dear General Ed Teacher:  Surprise! You’re a Special Ed Teacher!

The Gratitude Muscle

Highly Sensitive:  Not a New Year’s Resolution Resolution

The Two Phrases That Keep Me Moving in the Right Direction

My Blogging Resume:  I Probably Shouldn’t Waste My Money on Fancy Paper

Human Light Brites

5 Reasons to Change Your Major and Stay in College for a Few More Years

Back to School: A Teacher’s Wish List

The Overwhelmingness of the Grocery Store

Please Don’t Move to Canada

I’m Ten Pounds Overweight and I Can’t Be Bothered to Even Try to Lose Those Stupid Extra Pounds

Saturday Mournings

The Accidental Marathoner

Call Me A Fanfaron This Week

Parenting: Reasons To Panic #1:  Jogging With Baby

Bow To Your Thighness:  3 Guiding Principles for Physical and Mental Health

He Kept Trying to Help

This is Why Runners Run

Running Parallels Life:  It’s Never Easy

Unconventional Tips For Beginning Runners

5 Things Spouses of Runners Need to Know

14 Life Lessons Running Teaches You

The Purposeful Marathoner (The Purposeful Person)

When a Runner Can’t Run

Writing is Racing

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