A Special Fart. One I View Lovingly.

How Could I Not Dream About The Accident?

Sleeping On Your Deathbed or Yes, Those Are My Great-Grandfather’s Teeth In A Jar, On My Shelf

Thanks For The Chuckle, Even Now, Ed.

The New Normal, or, Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming!

How Pregnancy Is Turning Me Into My Husband

Smile. Scowl. Cry (sad). Smile. Laugh. Cry (happy).

I Stalk My Family When They Sleep.  And Take Pictures.

An Open Valentine to Mr. Grouch

The Accidental Marathoner

Nine Ways I’m Going To Be Annoying When I’m Old

Camping Trips as Spousal Screenings

10 Key Pointers For Picking A Mate

Traits I Inherited From My Dad

Angry is Easier

The Anti-Photo Contest Photo Contest Entry

Ten Tips For Sustaining A Long-Lasting Marriage

Badges of Honor

Rocking Her

Spouses:  If They’re Really Good At One Thing, They Really Suck At Something Else

Don’t Forget.

Thank Goodness The Next Christmas Isn’t Until Next Year

Beautiful Moments Aren’t Always Pretty 

Her Three Favorite Skeins

What Couples Talk About Over The Duration of Their Married Lives (In Pie Chart Form)

We’re Full of Bull

Marriage:  It’s All About Teamwork (With a Dash of Competition)

One of Those Beautiful People

When Easter Means More Than Easter

So Lucky To Have Known Him

Happy Birthday, Mr. Grouch

Yiayia’s Cooking Secrets

5 Reasons Your Thirties Are Your Best Decade

Sometimes Being a Cob-Rolling Glutenous Pig is the Best Way to Say I Love You

When Everything Goes to Shit

What You Do When Your Mom Has A Brain Tumor

8 Ways I’m Aging That Totally Snuck Up on Me

Marriage Isn’t Always Fun (and That’s Okay)

Dear Husband, You’re the Perfect Dad (Even if You Don’t Know Where We Keep the Children’s Shampoo)

Their Pull

The Secret Reason I’ve Been Blogging All of These Years

Yiayia and Her Love-and-Feta-Stuffed Cheese Pita

When Birthing and Dying, Discomfort Prepares Us

A Painful Walk

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