Dream #12: Personified Cheesecake


Someone neatly slices a wedge out of a beautifully presented, shallow, plain cheesecake.  The Pac-Man shaped, almost whole, cheesecake (Big Cheesecake), and the smaller, pie shaped wedge (Little Cheesecake) are placed, together, in a large bowl of water, where they float on the surface.  Once in the water, it becomes evident that both pieces of cheesecake are alive, and have personalities.  Big Cheesecake moves itself, ever so slowly, closer to Little Cheesecake and bumps into the it.  This causes Little Cheesecake to get dunked underneath the water, and the edges of itself start to dissolve.  As every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction, Big Cheesecake ricochets off of Little Cheesecake and ends up on the opposite side of the bowl.  At a snail’s pace, Big Cheesecake again inches closer to Little Cheesecake, dunking him for the second time, and Little Cheesecake shrinks even further.  The cycle repeats, and as Little Cheesecake cannot defend himself, he just gets smaller and smaller, and smaller.  The water begins to turn milky.


I really don’t know what to say about this one, other than it has been haunting me for a couple of weeks.  Let me know if you’ve got an analysis for me.

8 thoughts on “Dream #12: Personified Cheesecake

  1. It’s kinda depressing and hopeless, but in a beautiful milky, watery way. Slow and deliberate and the poor little cheesecake doesn’t stand a chance. Are you sad for the little cheesecake or sort of indifferent?

  2. Losing a piece of you? Slowly and inexorably? And if you’re sad about it, that’s not good.

    You need a cheesecake force field.

  3. Hmmm, this one made me sad, too. I couldn’t respond right away . . . because i just didn’t know what to say. 😦
    Yours in future, happy, tasty, cheesecake moments,

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