This is Parenting (A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words)

Parenting.  It’s so hard to describe.

It is witnessing the most beautiful sights in the world.wpid-20150809_084311.jpg


P and dad snuggling





It is seeing nothing else but your children, no matter what else surrounds you.wpid-20150801_083415.jpg

It is a million gray hairs that appear instantly, overnight, the second you start trying to conceive.20150324_111227

It is giving up glamour and adopting Hello Kitty Couture.wpid-20150730_194513.jpg

It is really, really, gross.puke2

It is perpetual cleaning, without ever a clean house to show for it.wpid-20150810_082732.jpg


It is silly and hilarious and fun.wpid-20150815_191528.jpg

And full of dinosaurs.wpid-20150819_222538.jpg

It is absolutely, terrifyingly, loud, panic-inducing, and oh-my-goodness-i-don’t-know-what-i’m-doing-ing.20140703_115208

It is sometimes seeing yourself in it’s ugliest, strangest form, almost unrecognizable. wpid-20150809_162806.jpg

It is an endless stream of dirty dishes.  Real ones and pretend ones.  Who knew pretend picnics required so much cleaning?wpid-20150729_100130.jpg


It is backpain, current or impending, but completely unavoidable.20150626_071958

It is using a doll highchair as a table to conveniently hold your wine.20150519_195944

It is drinking coffee.  A LOT of coffee.20150317_055707

It is your child serving herself pretend juice, water, milk, or tea, but only serving you pretend coffee.  She is an attentive waitress.wpid-20150819_192604.jpg

It is never having enough bananas.  “I need more bananas! A LOT more bananas! (Even though she already has bananas).

It is saying, “Just one more picture, please!” and hearing “stop taking pictures, Mom!”  A phase that starts so much earlier than you are ready for.image

It is managing an attitude, a force that both awes and scares you, that begins from day 0.5.image

It is seeing yourself in your children.



It is a million trips to the grocery store for items like this (all of which are worth every penny).wpid-20150810_190840.jpg

It is simultaneously horrifically ugly and absolutely beautiful.cuddles

It is wanting to look like this:wpid-20150819_121454.jpg

But really looking like this:image

But, it is looking like this to them.  Which reminds you that it doesn’t really matter what you look like.image

20 thoughts on “This is Parenting (A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words)

  1. Beautiful, amazing, spectacular pictures! I love these 🙂 Pictures really do speak louder than words. Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your world 🙂

  2. This post made me cry! It is so beautiful and full of live, love and truth. And: you do look beautiful on every single picture!
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Love it, I first read your blog when you wrote a running one and particularly enjoyed the one referring to depression. Your message always seems to resonate and your style remains light touch. Keep it up (when you can!)

  4. This is perfect! And I don’t even have kids. Haha. I work as a nanny though, and see some of these things…all of which make me desperate for my own kids someday 🙂

  5. You express the woes and love of being a Mom so well. We all have had our day and would not change it for anything. We are blessed.

  6. oh my god, I love this. I laughed and cried. That last one gets me 🙂 Makes me so excited for the future but also wishing things would sloooowwww down.

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