This is Parenting (A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words)

Parenting.  It’s so hard to describe.

It is witnessing the most beautiful sights in the world.wpid-20150809_084311.jpg


P and dad snuggling





It is seeing nothing else but your children, no matter what else surrounds you.wpid-20150801_083415.jpg

It is a million gray hairs that appear instantly, overnight, the second you start trying to conceive.20150324_111227

It is giving up glamour and adopting Hello Kitty Couture.wpid-20150730_194513.jpg

It is really, really, gross.puke2

It is perpetual cleaning, without ever a clean house to show for it.wpid-20150810_082732.jpg


It is silly and hilarious and fun.wpid-20150815_191528.jpg

And full of dinosaurs.wpid-20150819_222538.jpg

It is absolutely, terrifyingly, loud, panic-inducing, and oh-my-goodness-i-don’t-know-what-i’m-doing-ing.20140703_115208

It is sometimes seeing yourself in it’s ugliest, strangest form, almost unrecognizable. wpid-20150809_162806.jpg

It is an endless stream of dirty dishes.  Real ones and pretend ones.  Who knew pretend picnics required so much cleaning?wpid-20150729_100130.jpg


It is backpain, current or impending, but completely unavoidable.20150626_071958

It is using a doll highchair as a table to conveniently hold your wine.20150519_195944

It is drinking coffee.  A LOT of coffee.20150317_055707

It is your child serving herself pretend juice, water, milk, or tea, but only serving you pretend coffee.  She is an attentive waitress.wpid-20150819_192604.jpg

It is never having enough bananas.  “I need more bananas! A LOT more bananas! (Even though she already has bananas).

It is saying, “Just one more picture, please!” and hearing “stop taking pictures, Mom!”  A phase that starts so much earlier than you are ready for.image

It is managing an attitude, a force that both awes and scares you, that begins from day 0.5.image

It is seeing yourself in your children.




It is a million trips to the grocery store for items like this (all of which are worth every penny).wpid-20150810_190840.jpg

It is simultaneously horrifically ugly and absolutely beautiful.cuddles

It is wanting to look like this:wpid-20150819_121454.jpg

But really looking like this:image

But, it is looking like this to them.  Which reminds you that it doesn’t really matter what you look like.image