My Blogging Resume: I Probably Shouldn’t Waste Money on Fancy Paper

My good pal over at Sammiches and Psych Meds signed up to attend her first blogging conference at Blog U this summer and she’s trying to get me to go with her.  Apparently things get way more formal than one might assume and bloggers bring business cards and writing resumes, hoping to make connections and sell themselves. The thing is she’s actually a real blogger and writer and I’m more of the fake kind. So, while her writing resume is actually like … a resume. Mine looks more like this:

Bloggy Resume 1

Lack of credentials aside, I might go anyway. I’m intrigued. And she’s fun to drink with.

Anyone been to a blogging conference and have any info to share with us newbies? Anyone going to Blog U?

14 thoughts on “My Blogging Resume: I Probably Shouldn’t Waste Money on Fancy Paper

  1. love your stuff, morning grouch! I think it’s a job requirement for teachers to have a certain degree of grouch. you express it well. keep the posts coming.

  2. Lola Lolita was hoping to get me to come too! Can’t this year, but maybe next year? I DEFINITELY don’t have enough street cred yet.
    As for your resume, I couldn’t help but laugh about the part where you feel overwhelmed by the large amount of unread posts in your inbox resulting in mass deletes. I am literally in the middle of doing that, but I didn’t delete this one because I was curious. Glad I read it! 🙂

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