Broken Machinery

The floor is lined with well-oiled machines.

They are gleaming models,

producing perfect products.

They hum, whir, purr.




They are lustrous, polished instruments

with safety valves releasing steam,

and automatic shut-offs.

They are controlled and efficient.


But one machine is not like the rest.

A single rusty clunker,

worn out, broken down, wearing thin.

It screeches, bangs, clanks.




Gauges tarnished, valves corroded, sealed stuck,

it is unreliable and dangerous.

It will cough out mangled wares

’til its inevitable collapse.

Image credit: Wikipedia
Image credit: Wikipedia

9 thoughts on “Broken Machinery

  1. Sometimes that ‘old’ clunky machine is the BEST ONE! I loved this, it reminded me of so many things, the descriptive words reminded me of a factory, the movie “Robots” and lastly, this old LOUD, clunky dot matrix printer we still used at my last job, THIS CENTURY! Everyone made fun of it, it was loud and slow, but it worked like a charm. If you closed the door and left it alone, it performed perfectly every single time! Thanks for bringing that memory back!

  2. Your imagery is amazing. I suck at poetry – I always sound like a really dumb Dr. Seuss who can’t rhyme as well. Or something.

    1. Dr. Seuss was a genius! So…if you sound at all like him I think you’re doing okay. I usually think my poems are somewhat ridiculous,and always have the “oh-my-god-people-are-going-to-think-this-is-the-worst-thing-ever feelings, but I post them anyway. Trying to get over the fear of everything I do being shit, and just going with it.

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