Paper Fetish

Everyone has something peculiar they enjoy.  Some hobby, some craft, some chore, some strange cuisine, some type of entertainment.  Something.  Weird.  At least I think they do.  Anyone who isn’t boring does, I guess.

I have a paper fetish.  I’m infatuated with paper.  I love combining colors and patterns into pleasing designs.  When I scrapbook I create paper art with the addition of the faces I love.  I always thought scrapbooking sounded so dorky, but then I tried it and couldn’t stop.

There is something about the physical cutting and physical placing of the paper that is intoxicating.  I do not get this same rush from using digital software (though to be fair, I haven’t tried much out yet, other than adding the border and name to my pics below, so maybe that’s an addiction waiting to happen).

I cut apart magazine pieces and put them together into silly collages. It’s unlike scrapping in that I just find a few pictures that go together and create something out of what I have in front of me, instead of specifically choosing pictures or memories.  I’m always on the lookout for books and magazines that contain pictures I can use for my art at garage sales.  I think about creating more than I have actual time for my hobby, but either way, I am addicted to it. Not sure why.

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares”.  – Saul Bass

Here’s a small sampling of my collage art.

collage art 3
3 piece collage.
collage art 2
11 piece collage. This one was one my favorites to make. The penguins each found perfect placements.
collage art 7
14 piece collage. I want to make this larger and frame it. I like this one.
collage art 1
4 piece collage.
collage art 8
20 piece collage.
collage art 10
22 piece collage. The background is from a sewing book my grandmother gave me. Probably not what she expected me to do with it.
collage art 4
3 piece collage.
5 piece collage
5 piece collage

What oddball things do you love?

8 thoughts on “Paper Fetish

  1. these are so cool! I am the least creative person ever and am so jealous of people who can just ‘see’ things! Although have really got into photography the last few years and DH is forever moaning at me as I’m lagging behind taking photos!

    1. thank you 🙂 and, photography is creative! even if you don’t always take pics, that’s awesome that you CAN. I always manage to move the camera as i hit the button so my photos are always fuzzy. annoying.

  2. Love your art! I was randomly searching WordPress blogs as I am working on starting one. I found yours this morning and have been reading it ever since. Thanks for a great site and not so many thanks for being so great you distracted me from my original mission. Now I want to go play with paper!

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