Saturday Mournings

So, I’ve realized that no matter what, I’m going to have crazy dreams, and wake up exhausted every day.  It doesn’t matter how many times I hit snooze, or if I get 6 hours of sleep or 9.  I’m going to wake up feeling like death and murderous rage and vomit all at the same time.

Last January I joined a running club and started getting up around 6.15 on Saturday mornings to have time to eat some toast, drink some coffee and wake up before heading out for a trot in the cold.  I never thought I could do this, because of the whole I HATE MORNINGS thing, but yet,  found I didn’t feel any MORE tired, than I already did, and in fact once I got the blood pumping, I generally felt a lot better after a jog.  My daily headaches diminished, and my little endorphin friends hung out for awhile, so I was less grouchy (still grouchy, just LESS).  Yes, I was tired later in the day, .but I was ALWAYS tired later in the day, but now I had a reason, and more toned thighs.  Having the long runs on Saturdays meant I had to be sure to train the rest of the week.  It was hard, but I did it for that Saturday morning feeling.

The cold weather is upon us again and back in October I started getting back into running (I absolutely cannot run during the 6 months out of the year that it is over 60 degrees – I overheat and can run a mere 0.003 miles without dying) and even though I still hate the mornings, running helps make them a little more manageable.  I’ve been really looking forward to running in 20-30 degree weather, with snowflakes catching on my eyelashes.  For me, there’s not a more energizing feeling.

The sad news is that I have been consistently getting ovarian cysts, and each time I get them, I am informed by my doctor that running is out of the question (as the bouncing could result in the heavy ovary flipping, causing the fallopian tube to crimp, and could result in a loss of ovary!  No bueno).  Since they take a few weeks to diminish, this makes it impossible to crank up the mileage.

So, the question arises.  How on Earth am I going to get myself to get my ass out of bed, reduce those headaches, be in a better mood,  and (most importantly), maintain those toned thighs?

23 thoughts on “Saturday Mournings

  1. A world of yuck. Had a cyst once and felt like my guts were being ripped out. Resulted in an internal ultra sound. Did not like!!! (Actually, I asked the tech why she thought it was okay to preform the procedure without buying me dinner first. She didn’t laugh). I love hot yoga. Maybe give that a try. Just be careful not to over stretch.

  2. Oh man. I had no idea that you couldn’t bounce around with cysts. What about playing around while you can’t run, and do a little bit of yoga, some swimming, some rolling around on the floor, etc. I think it’s pretty awesome of you to blast past your tiredness to exercise anyway. And I can’t imagine running in the cold, no way, sir.

  3. that sucks…I feel for you. I too have had ovarian cysts before. Hurt like all buggery!!!

    Yoga or pilates definetely sound like a good option though…

  4. Ugh. Nothing worse than being MOTIVATED to exercise and not being able to do it. Keep moving, some how, some way girl. You’re inspiring! And I hope it’s not more serious:(.

  5. well, i’ve never been a runner – though I do participate in some 5ks…doing it at 6am on a saturday would never fly with me. Go. You. As for currently not being able to, hrmph. I don’t think there’s any exercise like it. Maybe swimming? That’s a full body cardio.

  6. I’m glad I read your post about running and cysts because my doctor did not inform me of this… yoga and pilates it is.

    1. Yeah, if they get big enough, you can even feel them during inversions and stuff but I think if you are not jostling a whole lot you’re fine even if they’re somewhat large. They told me the finale no I’m not running though when they got to a certain size

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