Dream #13: Ear Tucks, Great-Grandfather Ed and Hair Made Out of Yarn


An Indian couple live in a different country (not sure which one) where they make 30,000/week.  They moved to this other country because women had full equality.  We watched a movie together at my great-grandfather’s house and the key role was played by a native girl who wasn’t very pretty.  At the end of this movie, the couple who touted equality and women’s rights were making fun of how the girl looked, and saying she needed to have her ears done (one was bigger than the other) an ear ..nip and tuck? The couple had recently moved and they wanted to know if Gramp had their new number.  I said I could look in his address/telephone book.

Gramp was in the process of dying so he was sleeping a lot, for a day or two at a time.  But, when he got up he was super jolly, dancing, happy laughing and saying he was so glad to see us.  He was blind, so he kept his eyelids shut. And he was also so deaf he couldn’t really hear even when you screamed in his ear – he could just tell a noise was there.  On my birthday I didn’t think he’d wake up, but at 8pm he came out of his bedroom and said, “Happy birthday! Let’s celebrate!” and he drank a small can of beer, and clinked his beer with mine in a cheers.  After about 30 min, he said he was tired and he went back to sleep.  I tried to say something to him before he laid down but he couldn’t hear what I was saying and he didn’t have the energy.  He said, “We might have to save that for another day!” and fell, stiff as a board, face first into his bed.  I knew he didn’t have much time left and when my husband picked me up to leave, I cried as I told him about our exchange.

From Gramp’s, I go to a hair place and when the stylist is touching my hair and asking what I want done, I notice that the underside of my hair is made out of yellow YARN, dyed pink at the very bottom.  I asked her, “Is my hair made out of yarn??” and she replied, “Yes, that happens sometimes”.  “Shit” was all I could think to say in response.


GRAMP:  This part of the dream was a nice reminder of his jolly, happy, laughing self.  And even as he neared the end of his life, he would go out of his way to celebrate with any of us.

HAIR MADE OF YELLOW AND PINK YARN: Way of Tao says that, “Since hair can represent ideas that grow and need to be groomed over time, to dream of visiting a hairdresser can symbolize how you are changing your outlook”. (Note they didn’t say this mattered if your hair was made of HAIR or made of YARN, so I’m going with it).   I certainly hope my outlook continues to change over time (less cynical, less judgmental, less selfish, less dwelling on the negative).  Each week at yoga, when we are asked to think of our intentions for the week, my mind usually comes up with working on patience, grace, or thinking of others before myself.  It can be a constant battle to pull myself out of my own funks and work on improving the positive energy I direct outward to others.  More often than not, my thoughts towards others are endearing, but my actions may not show my true feelings towards them, but instead may show the anxiety and tension that rises to the surface all too easily.   I need yoga and the balance and redirection that it offers.

Dream Moods adds that  “If the dream is a pleasant one, then the color yellow is symbolic of intellect, energy, agility, happiness, harmony, and wisdom” and that “Pink represents love, joy, sweetness, happiness, affection and kindness”.  In this case maybe it is my way of trying to take some of the lessons Gramp provided by example, and those cultivated by my yoga practice, and put them into place in my own life.  Easier said than done, but it is something I will continue to work towards.

11 thoughts on “Dream #13: Ear Tucks, Great-Grandfather Ed and Hair Made Out of Yarn

  1. Both colors are quite happy and bright, so your analysis that you’re taking something positive away from Gramp seems plausible to me. Glad to see you back on here. Thought the blogosphere had lost you.

  2. “less cynical, less judgmental, less selfish, less dwelling on the negative”. Me, too. Completely. It’s hard- But I really like how you tied everything together from your dream. And I like the part your grampa plays.

  3. Wow. I wish I was a dream analyst. I don’t know… the yarn thing to me is not about the color. It’s YARN. It’s not supposed to be that way. But “it happens sometimes.” ?? Maybe it’s am message to accept something that is not supposed to be the way it is? Don’t know about the couple from India and the ear thing.

    I saw your post on FB to me. I won’t bore you with all the details of my dead body dream. I was hiding the body in the rafters and I had to go up there too and hide from the police. I think my therapist told me it had something to do with feeling like I’m hiding the truth and that I had a big secret. Or like I wasn’t being authentic. This really seemed to fit what was going on with me at the time. Does that seem to fit your dead body dream?

    1. Hah, i hope not! I have those dreams A LOT. But, i really don’t think I have any hidden secrets…and I might be all too authentic sometimes….hah. So. who the hell knows.

      I thought the same thing about the yarn-hair at first. But these damn dream dictionaries really don’t help me analyze my crazy dreams….

  4. I love seeing how your dreams come to life in your analysis. We all strive to do better for others to show them we care. Channeling your Gramps may be one way to do this as I do this sometimes when I think of my own grandma and grandpa….the love they gave me helps me pay it forward if only in a smile or a kind word.

  5. Yarn as hair has got to have deeper meaning for so many of us that had dolls made of this scratch. And I love that you got a jolly celebration with your grandpa again.

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