Dream #11: Kegger, Special Cookies, Cheap Dresses and Submerged Cars


We have some sort of teacher event at school in the morning and it is tradition to stay up all night and drink/eat/socialize the night before.  My parents host a kegger at their house for this reason, and about 40+ teachers show up.  I borrow a pair of my dad’s flip flops and leave for a few hours to run some errands.   When I return to the house and try to put the sandals back where they belong, I notice all of the shoe racks, cubbies, hooks and other organizational devices in the mud room are in different places.  They have rearranged in the last few hours.  I try to figure out where to put the sandals; it’s hard to tell where they should go.

From there we go to a diner and eat some breakfast – even though it is 1 or 2 in the morning.  We are fueling to stay up all night.  After the diner, we all attend to a party at a  coworker’s house.  She has a large wire cart full of dozens of different types of cookies, in fancy packages.  She explains that she stocks up so she always has the right kind of cookie for the right occasion.  They look so delicious, so I eat a few.  We play cards and socialize until it is time to move on to the next event.  I go to put my shoes on and notice that in the shoe pile there are 7 pairs of identical low cut tennis shoes, with neon green and yellow stripes.  My shoes are very similar, but not identical.  Mine are higher cut around the ankle and my stripes angle in a different way.

Our next excursion involves hiking up a large hill. I enjoy this part.

Our next stop is at a fancy place, where the men are wearing suits and the women are in gowns.  I forgot about this, so didn’t have a dress with me.  Another coworker whips out four dresses, in packaging that looks like pantyhose – flat, rectangular shape, each different in style, size small, marked with a price sticker of 7.50 each.  I try one on and it fits perfectly.  She tells me she got them at Meijer and offers to let me borrow one.  I let her know I will just head to Meijer and grab one (or two) of my own on the way.  I drive to Meijer and park out front in a 15 minute or less spot.

After buying the dresses I try to start my car to leave.  The weather is wet and cold.   My car won’t start.  I try to get it going, several times.  Finally, the car starts moving moving, but it doesn’t run very well.  The power steering doesn’t seem to be working.  As I start to leave the parking lot, the roads are getting slushier and slushier, and the water deeper and deeper.  I can’t tell if I am coasting on the slush or if the tires are connecting with the pavement.  I try to turn left and end up in the deepest water – the car is floating.

I am now driving my husband’s car, instead of my own, so of course I am even more worried than I normally would be.  He had just told me the other day how Jetta’s are more likely than other cars to be ruined when they are turned upside down and submerged in water.  I get out of the car and try to push my car towards drier land.  Current and gravity keep moving it towards deeper areas.  I’m clutching the car, trying to save it.  The front end gets pushed up and the car flips upside down. I can hear water entering the car, and I’m hoping the part that is so sensitive on Jettas isn’t getting ruined at this moment.  I see a woman coming out of Meijer and scream – help! Hoping she can help me pull the car to a safe spot.


COOKIES: Dream Forth tells me that to dream I am eating cookies implies that I will allow my life to be disrupted by insignificant issues. Frivolous matters will consume your energy and time, and cause you unnecessary frustrations.  All of my issues seem pretty insignificant.  I’m not starving, I’m not living on the streets, I wasn’t abused as a child, I’m not mourning the loss of an immediate family member, I’m not on a fruitless job-search.  Everything else in life is pretty insignificant, right?  The everything else is definitely consuming my time and energy, while it does seem insignificant, it also seems exhausting.

SANDALS/SHOES:    Way of Tao tells me that shoes are a grounded representation of motivation or how I move forward. Searching for shoes (and I will imagine, searching for where to put shoes) is symbolic of finding the means to provide for yourself in an effort to know success. Way of Tao explains that shoes are an important symbol that you are exploring a type of success that better represents who you are.  Apparently I am not sure what it means for me to be successful, in a way that represents who I truly am.  I have had 4 different teaching jobs, all of which I have loved, at least in many aspects, and all of which I have ended up searching for a new job, and  continued to change roles.  Still doing that now after 9 years of teaching….hm.  Not sure what that means…totally.  I guess it might mean keep trying.

CAR SUBMERGED IN WATER:  According to Way of Tao, travel over water is indicative of emotions and how the ‘flow of events’ or ‘current’ is leading me, and may represent the internal drama of uncertainty. The water can be dark, calm or choppy in relation to how I feel about where I am currently going in life. It goes on to add that the car is a classic symbol of motivation, and the vehicle being out of control reflects that I am not feeling autonomous and I  may be questioning the choices I am making.  Clearly I am drowning in my indecisiveness.

DRESS: Dream Moods tells me that dressing up suggests I need to be more confident in my abilities and proud of my achievements.   It also tells me that being dressed in someone else’s clothes represents my admiration for this person and I am trying to incorporate aspects of that person into my own self.  I do admire the person whose dress I tried on.  Oddly enough the woman who gave me the dress in my dream is considering letting her teaching certificate lapse so she can be a house wife or get some other career….but then again she is also married to a doctor.  Damn.

14 thoughts on “Dream #11: Kegger, Special Cookies, Cheap Dresses and Submerged Cars

  1. I think the title of this post should be the title of your autobiography. I love the shoe symbolism- “Way of Tao explains that shoes are an important symbol that you are exploring a type of success that better represents who you are.”

  2. Interesting take on cookie-eating. VERY interesting dream.

    Now if I were dreaming about eating cookies, it would be a cross between hunger and craving cookies. That’s as deep as it would get for me.

      1. I’m not positive either. There’s a “follow” button on top of the page towards the left, maybe somewhere in there? I’m technologically retarded (I’m allowed to use that word because I iz that word…).

        1. I can not believe how much detail you remember about your dreams. Even the price of the dress/pantyhose package.

          These analyses are fascinating. I wish I could remember more of my dreams so I could look up the meanings! Although I pretty much know what is wrong in my life and how I should problem-solve it all.

          Still…I never dream this vividly. Your stories here amaze me!

  3. My initial reaction was, “Cool. An all-nighter with people from work. That’s awesome!” Then, as I read on, I got very tired thinking of all the energy I would expend at such an event. And I was glad this was just a dream. I have an idea of whose dress you tried on. 🙂

  4. Lol I love the title! Dreams are so interesting…while I’ve never dreamt about shoes, I have dreamt about submerged cars :D. It was sinking and I was in it. Guess that qualifies as a nightmare haha.

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