Sleep Deprivation Can Make You Do Stupid Things. Or, Maybe I Have ADD.

For our 4th anniversary, my husband and I decided to go on a road trip.  We bought a new (used) pop-up camper, hopped in the Jeep and headed West, towards South Dakota.  He had the idea for me to “blog” about our trip (which meant a facebook note, since I didn’t have a blog yet.  He didn’t realize at the time the blogging-monster he would soon create) so I documented as we drove, and it was really quite a jolly time.

Except for the day and a half that it sort of sucked. The first day of suckage, is pretty much unrelated to the second day of suckage, they just happened to be connected within the time-space continuum.  In my original post, I blogged a lot about the wind turbines and the buffalo and beautiful geology at the Badlands.  Included here is just the blurb about the day and a half that weren’t so fun.  Enjoy.

July 8th:

OH. MY. GOD.  We just got to our campsite for the night.  OH. MY.  GOD.  Ok, so we didn’t decide until 10pm the night before we left that we would drive for several hours, instead of stopping in St. Joe and staying with my sister on Thursday night, thus, we didn’t book any campgrounds ahead of time – as would be my preference.

So today, at lunch, we stopped somewhere with wireless so we could find a place to camp for the night.  We ate at a diner and we agreed we should drive for 5 or so more hours.  Ends up we would be near Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Ok, perfect.  So I Google campgrounds near Sioux Falls and Tower Campgrounds pops up.  It is close.  I call the number and they have ONLY ONE spot left.  So I think, well if it is full, it must be decent.  Didn’t check the reviews, honestly just wanted t o get something booked and done with.  I feel flustered and anxious when having to do things on short notice, or when I don’t want to do them (i.e. I wanted to do it ahead, but didn’t, so now just rush and don’t do a good job searching).  EFFING HORRIBLE IDEA.

So, it is right in town.  As in, I can see a gas station from our camp site.  Which, ok, not great.  But, could be dealt with on it’s own.  But then, each camper/tent is literally 5-10 feet from the next.  And I clearly understand now why this one spot was empty.  The lady in the camper next to us appears to live here.  She has a couple of dogs, and several cats, along with many young kittens living in the camper.  There are dozens of flies buzzing around the windows inside and outside the camper.  Husband went to the shower (we decided it wasn’t very safe here and should go one at a time).  And I hear her talking – I’m assuming to the animals in there, or perhaps to no one… yelling things about leaving her alone and “get out of there!” etc..  I hear a flicking noise which I believe can only be a lighter for which she is lighting her crack pipe, as she shoes her crack-addict pets away from her.  WE ARE NEXT DOOR TO THE CRAZY CRACK HEAD CAMPER CAT LADY….UGH!

I tried to convince Husband to pack up and leave, told him I could drive for 4-5 hours and stay at a rest stop.  He said this was my punishment for not checking the reviews.  I go to shower, come back and Husband noticed a bunch of dog shit near the table we had set up.  I again asked him if he wanted to leave.  After eating, I immediately retreated to the camper and thanked Husband in my head for bringing the TV (I normally hate the TV).  I just hope we can turn it up loud enough to drown out the din of traffic surrounding the site.

Ok, let me shout this loud and clear:  I WAS WRONG.  I WAS IMPATIENT.  I SHOULD HAVE CHECKED.  I’M GLAD MY HUSBAND BROUGHT A TV AND DVDS (I hate tv, and we had to negotiate him being able to bring this) !  GAH!!!!!  But having to stay at this shithole is certainly cruel and unusual punishment enough.  I have learned my lesson.

July 9th:

Um.  Ok.  So, I sort of understand why Texas has edited their history books – they don’t want to look like jackasses.  I was going to edit the history of this trip but the Husband won’t let me.  Penance.  So I’ll start by saying that maybe I have ADD.  And, I have sleep deprivation which makes me forgetful.   And, stupid.  I got this crazy little devil girl at the campground…she was talking to me while I was supposed to take out the braces, that support the mechanical arms that hold the pop-up “up”.  I took them both off and then since I was talking to her (about why we were leaving and how we were ready to leave the shit-hole site) for some reason I put one of the braces back ON.  This didn’t work out so well when the Husband was turning the crank which was lowering the pop-up.  The one corner with the brace stayed up, popped some cable and we ended up having to call a maintenance guy to come lower the arm for us and then take it to an RV repair shop.

If my dad is reading this, I know he is slowly shaking his head, and thinking to himself how glad he is that I am off his hands and Husband now has to deal with me.  So….we ended up having to stay in hotels for the entirety of our trip, and we dragged our broken pop up behind us, like a bum leg, the entire 22 hours home.  (It ended up costing us $600 to fix the arm; plus we had the added costs of hotel rooms and going out to eat each night).

I asked the maintenance guy if he would still love his spouse if she did this, and he just said he didn’t have a wife.  I told him if he ever decided to spend his life with a special someone this sort of thing may happen and he would still have to love her.

Thank goodness this happened when we were celebrating our anniversary, since it forced my husband to at least partially focus on how lucky we are to have each other.  It appears the Husband still loves me and that is the only thing I care about.

19 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation Can Make You Do Stupid Things. Or, Maybe I Have ADD.

  1. Reminds me of the camping trip that my hubby and I took when we discovered we had a tent and no poles. Had to buy a tarp to use as a floor in our friend’s dining tent. We never did find those stupid fucking poles. Fortunately we were able to replace them free of charge after the camping trip was over.

  2. Campgrounds have some real creepy people up in there, you know? Especially when everyone is situated on top of each other. Last campground we stayed at ended up requiring a search helicopter at about midnight for about an hour over the lake and the campground. At first, we were sure someone had maybe drowned or gotten lost, but the longer it went on, the more I felt like maybe they weren’t searching for someone in trouble at all but rather an escaped convict. Glad Husband still loves you. And I’m sure the anniversary thing sure helped.

  3. I wonder if the dozens of flies were flying around her camper because her dead husband had been in there for weeks. It would definitely explain the talking. I think if we ever decide to camp again, I will opt for a pop-up thingy instead of tent. Ew.

  4. Your dad is shaking his head about the woman he still has in the house who was closing the hatchback and hit her own head tonight – OUCH!! (No blood.) Loved reading this episode, again.

  5. Giggling (hopefully with you) not at you, but at camping horror stories, as I would have to be dragged kicking and screaming to anything even suggestive of camping…

  6. Great story! Yes, it does appear you were a bit, um, distracted and careless and …. I know my husband would have been pretty ticked at me. So I applaud yours for hopefully having a good sense of humor. So glad you wrote all that down and could share it with us!

    1. ah yes. yesterday at yoga the instructor said that the way to transition from one pose to the next is the same as how we transition from one activity to the next in life. Needless to say, I am very ungraceful/rushed in my transitions.

  7. Love the description of the crack pipe cat lady! Look, shit happens, and sometimes they happen in a crap ass campsite. Better to be doing that with someone than by your lonesome. Thanks for the read.

  8. very memorable and adventurous anniversary!!! love what you did, tis very exciting to try diiferent things out to spice up a relationship… love your blog, following you now, hope you could visit my blog too..kissess!!!

  9. Oh my goodness, this was funny! I can’t imagine what my significant’s other reaction would have been, but something tells me he would not have been as cool as your husband! Surely that is love! 🙂 “So….we ended up having to stay in hotels for the entirety of our trip, and we dragged our broken pop up behind us, like a bum leg, the entire 22 hours home.” –The visual of this had me chuckling out loud!

  10. When I don’t sleep my ADHD morphs into an uncontrollable form and I get nothing done. I always wished I could get away with less sleep like other people lol but I need at least 7 hours!

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