Lucky 7’s

Laura, at Catharsis, is amazing.  Hopefully by now, you already know this.  She compiles so many awards, and throws me a bone now and then.  I roll over.  Shake hands.  Beg her to scratch me behind the ears (or under my shoulder blades…ahhh).

When I originally saw this award, I thought it was the “777” award, which I especially enjoyed, since that was the date in which I married my lovely husband (7-7-07!).  Apparently many people booked this date years in advance, but some ill-fated couple must have cancelled, because it just happened to be one of the few dates open during the summer we were looking to book- so I snatched it up.  Not because it is good luck, mind you (we don’t need luck, we were made for each other), but rather because it is EASY TO REMEMBER. I’m the asshole in the relationship that would forget the date of our anniversary.  This one is fool-proof!  Hooray.

And then I realized it was 7 X 7, which isn’t QUITE as cool.  And it sort of involves MATH, which we all know kind of sucks.  But, let’s not complain about the awards we’re given, right?  I seem to have a habit doing that…tsk, tsk, for shame.

Per award contract, here are 7 pieces of info about my blog, and 7 other lovely blogs you should be reading:

First, here are the 7 bits of info about my blog:

  1. Most beautiful post – My first attempt, ever, at a poem.  It was cathartic. It also won me a Editor’s Choice Award from LoveLinks @ A Bit of Gray Peeking Out
  2. Most popular post – (I think people just like to poke fun at my 7th grade picture): An Unsexy Sleeper
  3. Most controversial post – This caused a bit of controversy between my husband and I, when he kept getting texts from his friends and he repeatedly asked me, “WHAT ARE YOU WRITING ABOUT ME?!”:  A Special Fart, One I View Lovingly
  4. Most helpful post – Let’s be honest, I’m not really looking to help anyone, other than myself – and I need a LOT of help.  But, I suppose if you needed help understanding what Restless Leg Syndrome is all about, this would help you:  Itchy…twitchy…bitchy
  5. Most surprisingly successful post (perhaps because I divulge information about a bunch of crappy ex-boyfriends?):  Izzint Bloggeen Grate?
  6. Most underrated post – one of my personal faves –  Sleeping On Your Deathbed, Or, Yes Those Are My Great Grandfather’s Teeth In A Jar, On My Shelf
  7. Most pride-worthy post: About one of my dear friends: My Heather The Sleepwalker Series: (Intro, and Brief History, and more to come!).
And now, 7 seriously fantastic blogs that are worth a look:
Free Fringes (Unique and inspiring, connects to many other great bloggers)
Reading (andchickens) (Hilarious, Hilarious, Hilarious)
Mama Wants This (Beautiful and Inspiring)
Just Jennifer (A bit of quirk)
Parenting, Illustrated With Crappy Pictures (Awesome, hilarious, relatable – not just for parents)
The Momalog (Witty and relevant – also not just for parents)

14 thoughts on “Lucky 7’s

  1. Congratulations! 🙂 Loved the intro about your anniversary and all…. I must put together my 7×7 too .Would be a good one to have ready for when I go on vacation. You’ve inspired me. I think. I’m very lazy at heart.

    1. hah! that would have SO been ME. So glad I snagged that date. So, are you also the one that kills the bugs in the house, and drinks the beer in the fridge? Because if so, we are one and the same.

  2. Aw, man, thanks! I don’t know if I’ve ever been called unique and inspiring in a good way. That’ll keep me warm next time I’m washing toddler goo out of my hair.

    I’m glad we found each other.

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