Dream #7: Blood Drawn, Bartending, Beheading, Blood Cell Cartoons


I am at Meijer because I need to ship a package. My friend Krista is there and she is telling me about which boxes/envelopes are the best price and how she learned the hard way when she got the wrong one and her package got shipped to the U.P (7 dollars), then Alaska (20 dollars), then to Texas (5 dollars) then got returned (and she had to pay all of the above, added together). Within Meijer, I have to go and get blood drawn. For some reason, it hurts. The nurse is sort of nice but also a bit gruff. When I get up to leave I accidently drop a wrapper from one of my oatmeal bars on the chair. She notices and tells me that I should pick healthier snacks for while I am on the go.

The place turns into a science lab and I am working with the science department at the school I work at. We are eating lunch, and they tell me to be careful since there are so many chemicals around. The lab then turns into a bar and grill AND a lab combined. It is very dusty/dirty and cluttered. There are empty bottles and containers around. In areas where there should be whole sets of things, many items are missing. A science teacher asks if I can help him serve some drinks. I say sure, even though it has been awhile since I have bartended. There are hardly any bottles of booze at the bar – it seems like a dirty ghost-town bar where people don’t actually drink.  The bottles are mostly empty, and are covered in dust and cobwebs…but here we are, having to serve. A waitress comes in and orders a Manhattan, and Old Fashioned and a few other drinks. I am trying to remember how to make them – especially considering the very limited selection of booze. One of the ingredients in one of the drinks was “Garnier” (the hair product brand?). A waitress takes the drinks out through an automatic sliding door area into a pool area. It is a good thing the customers cannot see where their drinks are coming from. The waitress has a tattooed quote across the middle of her thighs. The words span across both legs, and a diagonal train track is tattooed is under quote. During a break she is writing, in sharpie, additional words underneath the current words already tattooed. Some of the words she writes in pen are “This passage allows me to understand passion” and “This passage allows me to understand geology” etc…

Five younger men come in. They are very obnoxious and sort of like guys from the TV show Jackass. They set up skateboarding ramps and obstacles and huge piles of trash in the streets, making it difficult for cars to get through. I have to take my car to go get ice (since these guys are having a large party at our bar that night) and I end up having to crash through the huge piles of trash to get where I need to. I go to pick up the ice for the evening shift, with a coworker and we spend an inordinate amount of time doing this. When we return with the massive amount of ice, we realize we do not have a cooler or refrigerator large enough to hold it all. There is no way around the fact that the ice for our drinks will end up melting. I am not too sad because these guys are crazy enough sober, let alone drunk.

Back at the lab, we realize that one of the obnoxious guys is missing. The other four guys claim to not know what happened to him. The mystery gets solved and we realize that the missing person has had his head chopped off. In my dream, there is a weird visual of a guy, head getting chopped off, big pool of blood. Then the blood fades and you can see an indented/stained part of the wood floor of the bar/lab and that is how you know what happened. In the middle of the stain/indent is a drain. It looks like a camera sort of goes down the drain so you can see down there and there is more evidence that the guy was murdered here. There are little cartoon versions of cells and particles (blood cells, mucus particles etc…) from the dead guy. They are living in the drain – complete with cartoon lamps and couches and pictures on the walls, etc… and they have little eyes and mouths. They are telling me “Get out of here!” and the cartoon mucus/blood cells tell me, “My wife will be SO MAD if you are in here!” His particles are angry pieces of dead guy.



PACKAGES: Way of Tao explains that a box symbolizes what I store and protect, and so a wrapped package indicates there is something unexplored or unexpressed.  Does this mean I need to tell my husband to explore my box?  Snicker … see how I make a juvenile joke instead of exploring … my own box? Double snicker.  Apparently this is how I roll. Who cares what is in those wrapped packages?  Sidebar:  I hate going to the post office and mailing packages.  I once sent my god-daughter her birthday present about 5 months late and another time sent my friend’s birthday present almost an entire year late.  I just avoid going for some reason.  The only time I went to the post office in a timely manner was when I mailed a student a whole coconut.  Did you know you can do this?  The mail lady will likely give you a dirty look when you get to the counter and explain your intentions.  Don’t let that deter you.  Just an FYI that you have to shave off the hair first so you can write the address on it, and you also need to have a return address on there.  Could an alternate explanation be that I just wish the post office was located at Meijer?

BAR:  Dream Forth tells me that to dream about being in a bar represents your wish for deliverance from day-to-day anxiety and a need to move toward enjoyable activities. It also indicates that you are seeking approval for something.  Yes.  I would like to win the Mega Millions and just do fun things, everyday.  Like mail my friends coconuts.  Who wouldn’t want to do this?

BOTTLES: Dream Forth tells me that seeing a bottle indicates that I am repressing my emotions when I should be communicating them with others. It also tells me to pay attention to what is inside the bottle and that seeing an empty bottle implies that you feel emotionally fatigued and don’t possess enough mental energy.  I don’t have enough mental energy because these dreams keep me up all night.  Vicious cycle.  To conserve energy I suggest combining needed services, such as the purchasing of coconuts and the mail dispersal system.

ICE:  Dream Moods says that seeing ice in my dream suggests that I may be feeling emotionally paralyzed or rigid and that I need to let my feelings be known.  Apparently even I don’t know what my feelings are, since they were tightly wrapped and sent off in sealed packages.  I wonder who I shipped the boxes to?  Maybe they will send me a thank you card in another dream and I’ll find out what I sent them. 

BLOOD (X3: GETTING BLOOD DRAWN, BLOOD SOAKED INTO FLOOR BOARDS, AND CARTOON BLOOD CELLS IN THE DRAIN):   Way of Tao tells me that to see blood on something else (floor) reflects how I have disassociated from my feelings and I tend to explore emotions in an abstract way.  Dream Moods tells me that if I am dreaming of giving blood, then it suggests that I am feeling physically drained due to stress. Blah blah, emotions, emotions, fatigue, fatigue.  Booooring.   I couldn’t find cartoon blood or blood cells anywhere on the dream interpretation sites. 

TATTOO: Dream Forth:  To see tattoos on those around you is a warning. Someone in your waking life will soon become jealous of you and what you have achieved.  Right….according to this analysis I have achieved repression of emotions and fatigue.  Oh, joy.  Or, alternatively, maybe I have achieved the genius idea of creating a combined grocery store and post office.  Patent pending.

Ok, so not totally from my dream but I thought it was worth pointing out that Dream Moods tells me that if I am a tattoo artist, and I dream about being a tattoo artist, then the dream is just a reflection of who I am.  Seriously?  Even though the most crazy, convoluted dream resulted in two clear themes, I would still like to point out that these dream interpretations seem pretty weak, at times.

12 thoughts on “Dream #7: Blood Drawn, Bartending, Beheading, Blood Cell Cartoons

  1. I was looking at a magnet today that said something to the effect of, “Being successful means that your children can afford their own therapy.” Maybe I should’ve purchased it. I highly recommend exploring your own box and packages.

  2. This is an incredibly disturbing dream. Incredibly. Did you wake up all scared? This qualifies as a nightmare in my book. The angry particles? That’s the worst. On a side note, we saw a waitress at Rum Runners last spring who had a tattoo of two eyes just above either but cheek. They were peeking out of her pants (no pun intended).

  3. Congratulations. You made me spit my Coca-Cola all over my keyboard with laughter. As a result, you’ve had me suscribe to you. So there.

  4. Who knew that reading about some stranger’s dreams could be so interesting? WHO!? My husband doesn’t even like to tell me his dreams because he thinks I’ll be bored to tears, but I find them fascinating. I like the waitress tattoo legs part.

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