Dream #5: Kelsey Grammer, Swimming and Portobello Mushrooms


I am in Kelsey Grammer’s swimming pool.  There are George Foreman grills on 3 sides of the pool and I am grilling Portobello mushrooms.  I swim to the side of the pool and reach over and grill the mushrooms while still in the water.  They take a long time to grill.  Some fall into the water and are floating around.  Kelsey tells me to make sure to let him know when they are done, because his dog, Chipper, gets the first bite out of every mushroom.  At one point, Kelsey comes over to where I am grilling, and we are talking.  He looks down and notices a oddly colored mole on his forearm, with a piece of hair sticking out.  He starts pulling on this arm hair and the hair just keeps coming out, getting longer and longer, and remaining attached.  Kelsey is holding the end of the mole, with about 2 ½ foot strand of hair attached to his arm.  He is alarmed.



SWIMMING POOL: According to Dream Moods, swimming indicates I could be exploring my unconscious mind and emotions.  It also adds that this is a common dream for people who are undergoing therapy. Hm, no therapy going on here (though it certainly could be argued that I need it). Perhaps this implies that I have subconsciously quit caring that our backyard is infested with numerous critters, including (but not limited to) squirrels, mice, chipmunks, deer, moles, and a pair of giant woodchucks, who live under our gazebo, with their fuzzy woodchuck babies.  For the first year we lived in this house, my husband and I continuously discussed, in concerned tones, the need to eliminate at least part of the problem (definitely the woodchucks, and maybe the grubs, which in turn would get rid of the moles).  We called a few pest removal companies, but we didn’t follow through on the eradication process once we found out how much they charge.  We then took the initiative to borrow a live trap from a relative, but it somehow vanished mysteriously out of our backyard (the possibility exists that the woodchucks have outsmarted us, and hid it).  Since the trap disappeared, no action has been taken to inform these woodchucks that they are not welcome in our yard, other than the creation of a 5 foot fence around our garden, with concrete blocks laid along the perimeter.  As I was jogging the other day, and noticed a woodchuck that had been hit by a car and was smeared across the road, a thought passed through my head, “Oh no! Is that my woodchuck?!”  The thought was only there for a brief moment, a tiny flit of an idea, really.  I quickly reminded myself that I was trying to get rid of the woodchucks in the first place.  Perhaps, the swimming indicates I think it might be ok for these fuzzy garden-chompers to reside in my backyard.
HAIR: Way of Tao tells me that when dreaming of hair, the condition of the hair can symbolize how I currently relate to my attitude and ideas.  Hmmmm, so let’s see, the one strand of hair was coming out of a growth and was abnormally long.  What does this say about my thoughts?  Yikes.  As mentioned above, I’m not in therapy at the moment, so I’m just going to ignore this one.

GRILL: Dream Moods informs me that a grill in a dream represents togetherness, comfort, and relaxation. So based on this, I’m thinking that I should embrace my “togetherness” with the zoo in my backyard, and to bask in the sunshine on my patio, with all of my feral friends.

MOLE: Dream Moods tells me that seeing a mole in my dream represents destruction and danger.  It goes on to say that either I am plotting against someone, or someone else is plotting against me.  Of course, they don’t say if this is a mole, as on Kelsey’s arm, or a mole, like the one(s) that burrows tunnels under my lawn, and does, in fact, cause destruction, in the form of a ruined lawn, and danger, in the form of twisted ankles.  And, clearly, I am plotting against them.  Or at least I thought I was, until the swimming brought up the notion that I really don’t give a shit about my lawn simply enjoy the natural beauty on display in my backyard.

MUSHROOMS:  Dream Forth tells me that dreaming of mushrooms indicates corrupt activity in order to gain wealth.  It also warns me that this could work against me and lead to lawsuits.    Dream Moods seems to agree, telling me that mushrooms mean I am making unwise decisions in my waking life.  Well, according to Dream #2, I have discovered I am game for nefarious activity – so we are starting to see a pattern here.  In a desperate attempt to make a connection between this and the previous items in my dream, perhaps the moles and woodchuck in my backyard are really in trouble, after all.  Perhaps the decision to do nothing has provided the animals with a false sense of security.  Perhaps my allowance of the continued breeding of pesky mammals is simply the precursor to committing a boorish act, like selling them on the black market, skinning them and making wallets out of their hides, or opening a wild game barbeque pit.  While I’m sure I would make loads of money on any one of these ventures, I guess I’d better watch out, because PETA might come after me.


2 thoughts on “Dream #5: Kelsey Grammer, Swimming and Portobello Mushrooms

  1. Hair. Is. Gross. Especially when it’s coming out of a growth of any kind. On a lighter note, grilled mushrooms, regardless of the location of the griller at the time of grilling, are dee-lish.

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