Dream #4: School Board Room, Dunce Cap, Kicking White Horse


A group of us teachers, about 20 or so, are secretly hiding out in the board office.  We are elsewhere during the day, but after everyone who works in the building leaves for the night, we pull our items out of hiding spots and appear to live there.  People pull out couches, clothing, lamps, and other household items.  We must have very large hiding spots.  Food and drink are in abundance, and every night is a party.  We have to be careful to make sure none of our remnants remain, after we clean up in the morning, so no one knows that we are secretly living there.  One of my co-workers owns a tall, pointed dunce cap that has words printed on the side reading  something like “Po Polski Liu Lingiati” which translates (from my made up dream language to the actual language of English) roughly to “You can make fun of the Poles, but you cannot make fun of us”.  Right, this is totally not politically correct.  And it doesn’t make sense.  But remember, this is a dream.  To further confuse you/me, in my dream for some reason this saying is slang for meaning you are very “anti board-member”.  We must be rebels.

At one point, I am on a roof with some others and we look down and notice a horse is lying on its side.  There is a guy somehow attached to the horse (tied to the horse?) and the horse is bunny kicking the guy with his hooves.  He is totally scratching the guy up, and the guy is bleeding all over.  We try to think of a plan to disengage the man from the horse, so he doesn’t get hooved to death.  I’m not sure what ends up happening with that guy, or the horse.

Our secret life in hiding comes to an end, when one day there is an emergency board meeting very early in the morning.  We didn’t have enough time to hide any of our items, so our principals and superintendent walk in to find our stash strewn about the room.  They are completely shocked, particularly about the couches (how long have you been here?!) and the dunce cap.  They kept saying things like “How are we going to explain this?” and “What are we going to do about this?”

Note:  I would like to point out that when I am awake, I work for a district with a very sensible school board.


SCHOOL BOARD OFFICE: Way of Tao states that an office portrays work and issues relating to how you are currently providing for yourself or your role and sense of achievement in life.  Well, this is an ever-evolving theme for me as I seem to continually change jobs, both my “real” full time jobs, and my part time jobs on the side.  Even now, while l love the job(s) I have, I continually job search and want to know what other career possibilities exist……I am not sure if I will ever figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  But, I will keep looking.

HIDING: Dream Moods tells me that if I am hiding, it could mean I am escaping confrontation, while Dream Force says I could be withholding information, keeping a secret, or I could have feelings of guilt.   Well, I will let you know from now that I AM keeping a secret or two, but clearly I cannot tell you what they are.  And no, I’m not pregnant, so if you ask me if that is my secret I might punch you.  In the gonads.  (Sidebar:  Did you know that both males and females have gonads?  It’s not only the guys.  Gonads are simply where the gametes are stored – the eggs or sperm.  So another way of saying this could be that I might punch you in the baby-maker.  Gender neutral.)

ROOF:  According to Way of Tao, the roof of a structure shows limitations. As a setting of activity, something taking place on a roof can portray your desire to break through barriers in achieving your ambitions. Hmm.  See School Board Office.  I just updated my resume.

WHITE HORSE:  Dream Force tells me this indicates having control over things and directing them towards my aim. It adds that a white horse signifies purity and good fortune. I’m not sure if this still applies to a white horse that is kicking the shit out of someone, possibly to death. But, if this does indicate good fortune heading my way, let us hope that it comes wrapped in the pretty package of a winning lotto ticket.  This way I can figure out what it is that my heart actually fancies, without the constraints of a 9-5.

DUNCE CAP:   I couldn’t find dunce cap, so had to settle with a partial translation of this term.  According to Dream Forth, dreaming of a cap implies that I prefer being casual to being uptight.  Very true!  In fact, I am hoping that my next job is one with no dress code.  (Maybe I’ll work from home?  Or wear scrubs?  Or win the lotto and sit on my ass?)  It also indicates the necessity for me to be more open to other opinions and viewpoints.  Well, that is just a preposterous presumption.  I mean really, I wasn’t wearing the cap, it wasn’t even my cap.  The idea of me not being open-minded is just absurd.  Whoever has that view of me is clearly a muttonhead.  Since I couldn’t find dunce cap, and only half of the term was deciphered, it only makes sense to believe only one half of this interpretation.  Specifically, the half that doesn’t tell me I need to be more open-minded.  What a nitwitted notion!  Certainly not worth contemplating the possibility that it could be true.  Bah.

4 thoughts on “Dream #4: School Board Room, Dunce Cap, Kicking White Horse

  1. Sooo happy to read these tidbits. Tears streaming down my face from chuckling at your wit (NOT because of allergies – dust mites, I hear). Just what I need as I begin another school year, filled with peace, happiness and occasional bouts of teenage (and parental) angst!

    1) School Board: Continue to grow and change. (It’s one of the reasons I love working with teenagers – they challenge our thinking.) Rebels? Pshaw! Never have there been high school rebels in this family.
    2) Hiding: It’s a good thing, to be able to keep secrets. (Thanks for the science lesson on gonads.)
    3) White horse: Be careful what you wish for!
    4) Dunce cap: Be open to dress codes (and see above).

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