The Six Week Check-Up

She started walking two days after, running within a week. Each day she ran those miles faster! Physically, she would quickly peak. She ran to combat it, her becoming a disaster. She was afraid to bring it up, she was scared they would ask her. But even more afraid of that, she feared that they wouldn’t. They had to bring it up, she knew that she couldn’t. It … Continue reading The Six Week Check-Up

A Bit Of Gray Peeking Out

Don’t you hate? Heavy lids, dull eyes, jealous heart. Hateful thoughts, ugly lies escaping. The stifling cocoon of inadequacy. Slumping shoulders, curved spine, bent knees. Longing for the all-consuming comfort of open wounds. The weight of exhaustion.     Don’t you love? A bit of release. A full intake of breath, balanced with a paired exhale. A bit of gray peeking out, from behind the … Continue reading A Bit Of Gray Peeking Out