3 a.m. Feedings

3 a.m. feedings

are more than feedings.

They are snuggles and safety and softly sung songs.

They are cozy and comfortable and contented.


Or discontented.


They are waffle printed and lavender scented.

They are sniveling and sweating and shushing,

and are viewed through puffy eyes, crusted with sleep.

They are restless and fatiguing and short.


Or long.


And they are beautiful.

It feels good to be needed

and good to be comforted.

And this won’t last forever.


It won’t be long until I drive you crazy

and you drive me mad

and you’re old enough to drive away.


It won’t be long until you aren’t so joyful.

So transparent.

So dependent.

Or free.


But for now, you are.

And bellies and hearts are full. 

English: A sleeping male baby with his arm ext...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • A Song (velvetnovels.wordpress.com)

7 thoughts on “3 a.m. Feedings

  1. Full bellies are good. We fell into co-sleeping immediately when I realized I could feed my kids while lying in bed and fall asleep while they slurped. Loved that snuggly cozy stuff, and your writing is beautiful.

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