An Ode To My Nasal Irrigation System

An Ode To My Nasal Irrigation System

I threw it on the ground and burst into tears,
A green-snotty tissue, one of my worst fears!

An ode to you, my nasal rinse,
Even if you sometimes make me wince.

Some may balk at the suggestion, 
But you help me to prevent congestion.

You save the day with your salty brine,
I’m oh-so-happy you are mine.

My nasal passages, stuffed to the brim,
Oh my, do my nose hairs need a trim?

Whether the hairs are long or shorn,
I use you, rinse, e’ry night and morn.

You keep the nasty germs at bay,
You always seem to save the day.

You help me to prevent rhinitis,
I really don’t want sinusitis!

After I use your salty breeze,
I am able to blow my nose with ease.

You’re always there, through thin and thick,
Don’t leave me, or I’ll end up sick.

Even though it might seem gross,
It is you that I love the most.

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32 thoughts on “An Ode To My Nasal Irrigation System

  1. Haha! I have one that I’ve had forever and I’m afraid to use it. I’ve heard stories about people ending up with bacterial infections from dirty water and dirty neti pots and such. Any tips to help this novice nasal irrigator? 😉

    1. Yes. 1) I use bottled purified water – even though if you have decent city water, odds are you’d be fine. 2) I use the nasal “rinse” which is different a bit than the neti pot – same purpose, but easier to use, in my opinion. Looks like a little squeeze bottle. 3) i can’t remember the exact instructions, but they tell you how to lean over a sink and position the contraption correctly (rest it on the edge of the sink?) so the water doesn’t go anywhere except in one nostril out the other – not down your throat or whatnot like can easily happen with the neti pot – handy tips!

  2. Bravo! You almost make me want to try a Neti Pot again. I wish they made them for eyes, though. I think the salty water might burn a little bit if I dumped it all over my eyes. Huh. Something to ponder.

    1. I’m pretty sure they have them for eyes…and it’s called saline drops! Not as effective though, I’ll concede. Try the nasal rinse – it’s the same idea as a neti pot but WAY easier to use.

  3. Neti Pots freak. Me. Out. So this was kinda sorta a horror-poem for me. A funny, light…but mocking and cruel horror poem.

    Well done!

  4. Haha! It’s so dry in our home right now, and I’ve been using saline spray several times a day — you’re right — it helps! I have to draw the line at Neti Pots, however. lol

  5. I have used nasal rinses and neti pots before — I have wicked allergies and occasionally get sinus infections that are so painful I feel like someone’s jammed a football into my sinus cavity.

    Fun and funny poem! Thank you!

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