The Traveling Pants

So, 35 weeks into pregnancy, I’m feeling…..good.  Incredibly whaleish and crickity creakity (my sacroiliac joint, within my pelvis, and I are not on speaking terms) and heartburny… but still, good.  All the discomforts are to be expected and are overall completely bearable and worth it.  Without question.

Pregnancy viking, so far, I remain.

I have been lucky enough to be at my most-pregnant during the summer months.  Ok, there are definitely downsides to turning more and more into an aquatic mammal throughout the summer –  fingers and ankles can easily turn to sausages, the heat can prevent getting a good night’s rest (I’ve been sleeping with cold packs on my side, and often moving to the first floor or basement after waking up, baking, in the middle of the night).  But the pros, overall, outweigh the cons.  I’m a teacher, so since it is summer vacation, I’ve had the luxury of time – which is good because since I’m considered a “high risk” pregnancy, I’ve had two doctor appointments each week – and it sure is wonderful to not have to use up precious sick days or have to take unpaid work days so I can make them.

(Sidebar – my ultrasounds and non-stress tests have confirmed that this baby is VERY active – a “wild woman” she was called by one nurse, she has had hair on her head for a few weeks already, she often sucks on her fingers, usually has her ankles crossed like a little lady, and she most likely has my husband’s Greek toes (middle toe longer than her big toe) – these doctor appointments are so much more fun than the usual ones 😉 )

Another benefit of being pregnant on my summer off is that I  do not have to worry too much about dressing up for work during the summer – and can thus wear the same few tank tops, dresses and skirts the entire three months, saving me a lot on maternity clothes.  The only thing I’m willing to spend whatever amount of money on is maternity underwear.  There is seriously no greater invention – it is worth every penny.  EVERY PENNY, I tell you!  They make me happy just thinking about them and their stretchy comfortableness.

Any-hoo, speaking of maternity wear, I have to give props to a special pair of Silver brand jeans.  I purchased said jeans around the year 2000 or so, and wore them quite a bit, and then they ended up shoved in the back of my closet for a few years, forgotten.  I rediscovered them when we moved into our new house a couple of years ago.  The jeans a) still fit, and b) remained relatively in style.  Damn good purchase.  Well, little did I know that this was the purchase that just keeps on giving.  These pants have continued to fit, as I have grown, and grown…and grown.

I tried wearing one of my other favorite pairs of jeans a tad too long, with a belly band, and ended up ripping a hole on the inside of one of the thighs (aka my maternal fat stores).  Other pants either cannot be put on anymore, or must be completely unzipped, and still result in extreme discomfort, particularly when sitting.  But the Silvers?   They are like the mystical traveling pants (you know, the ones from the movie, that an entire group of female friends, who all were different shapes and sizes of lovely woman-ness, were able to wear comfortably).  These pants continue to stretch and conform to my changing body, with nothing but a simple hair-tie to hold the button at the top in place.

Pregnancy is amazing and mysterious and wonderful, and so are these damn pants.

7 thoughts on “The Traveling Pants

  1. Oh, I am jealous of your pants. What I wouldn’t have given for a pair of pants that just…FIT. I even grew out of my maternity jeans, so there was a greater chance of me winning the lottery than me squeezing my fat ass into a pair of old pants while pregnant. You are almost to the finish line. How exciting.

  2. Love those jeans! I remember those jeans. How is it possible that I remember those jeans?

  3. You are too damn cute. Those sound like magical pants alright and they look great on you!!! You hardly look pregnant! I’m so excited for you. She’s almost here! Your wild child little lady. And, I need maternity underpants.

  4. Look look amazing! I had some pants like those, too. I was pregnant all through summer, and rarely needed jeans though. I also was a raging furnace most of the time, but I’ve always been warm. I spent most of my pregnancy in gauchos, elastic waisted skirts, and tank tops.
    I never did the maternity underwear thing. I just wore some that were small enough to rest below my watermelon belly.
    You’re in the home stretch, mama!

  5. Those gotta be some damn good pants! I ripped the seam in my MATERNITY jeans. All of them. I think I was wearing a size-too-large sweatpants at the end.

    1. Yea, I ripped seams in one of my favorite pairs of jeans, trying to continue using the belly band….and now im mostly in stretchy yoga pants! But these jeans are just magical and have some crazy stretchy-ness!

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