Dream # 10: Greek Dancing on the Moon and Mononucleosis


The Greek Dance group is practicing at my house.  Apparently they decided to use my house since I have enough space, and I have many rooms in the shape of circles.  This is convenient, since most Greek dances are circular in nature.  It is a particularly important dance practice because the group has been invited to travel and dance ON THE MOON.  Exciting.  There is one girl in the dance group that everyone hates and who is constantly doing things contrary to the Greek Dance Group Code of Conduct.  She has already been kicked out of the group once.  She is late and so the dance group is discussing whether they should kick her out again.  In order to travel into space, to dance on the moon, there is a lot of teamwork and trust involved, and they are worried that she poses a safety threat.  People in the group are afraid of confrontation and don’t know if they will follow through on kicking her out, even though they know they should.  They ultimately decide they will indeed kick her out, but say they need one more person for the Kalamatiano (something about needing enough bodies and gravitational pull, since you don’t really need a certain number for this dance on Earth).  I offer to fill in, but I am worried that I am a little bit sick.  The girl everyone hates comes very late, after it has been decided that I will dance.  She says no one is stopping her from going to the moon.  The dance group calls a scientist/doctor who is an expert in traveling through space.  He confirms the idea that a team-based approach is needed and this girl won’t work.  He is concerned about our safety.  She continues to practice with us anyway.  He then turns to me and asks if I am experiencing a lot of tension, because he notices my foot and leg are constantly moving.  I tell him they are always moving, this is nothing new.  We then start talking about my illness and he looks in my throat, asks me some questions.  He says he is worried I might have mono.  I gasp, and tell him I’ve had mono in the past.  He nods solemnly, as to confirm this diagnosis, since mono can reemerge after lying dormant.


Ok, this is a dream with some attachment to reality!  My husband and his family have participated in traditional Greek dancing since they were young, and his cousins and sisters still perform.  I do know how to dance the kalamatiano.  I constantly move my leg/bounce my knee.  I have had mono (and it can come back).  And, there must be a kernel of truth to the idea that dancing on the moon’s cratered surface without the correct configuration/velocity/whatnot would result in people flinging off into the abyss.  I don’t know if I have ever had another dream with so many ties to my waking life.

SPACE:  Dream Forth tells me that to see or dream that I am in space indicates that I am a very inquisitive person who enjoys seeking the truth and that I form my own opinions and beliefs rather than adopting those of others.  I would like to believe this is true, even if the only evidence I have is my disagreement with my husband about how often the bathroom needs to be cleaned (Truth:  Not as often as he thinks) or my own opinion about how often the lawn and bushes need to be manicured (Truth:  Never.  Lawns and shrubbery are not important).  I refuse to blindly adopt the believe of my husband snooty neighbors in this matter!  I’m such a obstinate wife truth-seeker.

DANCING:    Dream Moods informs me that dreaming about attending or going to a dance indicates a celebration and your attempts to achieve happiness.  Hooray!  Celebrations are good (unless they are fake celebrations, like the kind we have at the beginning of staff meetings).  Let’s celebrate scrapbooking! And samosas! And bacon!  And fuzzy kitties that snuggle!  And coffee – oh glorious coffee!  And yoga! And Girls Weekends! And wine!  Oh yes, lots and lots of cheers for wine!  All things I indulge in for the sake of sanity.  And all synonyms for happiness.

MONONUCLEOSIS:  Dream Forth says that to dream of an illness signifies despair, objectionable adjustment, and an emotional collapse. The illness may be a way out of my incompetence in coping with a situation.  In this case does that mean my incompetence in coping with the weak gravitational pull of the moon whilst kicking up my heels?  In reality does it mean constantly being crouched in the shadow of the black dog?  Wait, wait, wait. Celebrate happiness, remember?!  That merriment seemed incredibly short lived.  Hm.  Maybe my attempts are futile.  Ah, to hell with it.  Let’s still celebrate a crack at happiness with some wine, shall we?  Or, should we just drown our sorrows in it?  Either way, cheers.


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Dream #6: McDonalds Hashbrowns and Metal Robots


I go to McDonalds for breakfast with my sister, Angela and my uncle, Mike.  We are sitting in a booth waiting for the McDonald’s staff to bring it to us, and it is taking forever.  While sitting at the booth waiting for our food, my uncle’s truck suddenly goes from being parked outside to accelerating across the street – smashing into an apartment building.  We run outside and investigate.  It is unmanned.  We are shocked.  We go back into the McDonalds and continue to wait for our food.  While waiting, my uncle notices these little metal pieces along the edge of the booth.  There are three areas that contain metal pieces – one on each side of the booth (none on the side where you get in).  His cell phone is very attracted, magnetically, to the pieces.  He connects this to the sudden acceleration of his car – blaming it on McDonalds.  We think we are discovering a huge conspiracy in which these metal pieces are starting to control things/us.  He wants to compile more evidence before he accuses.  We get our food and McDonald’s has changed their hash browns from their original delicious, greasy goodness into thick cut steak fries.  Ew.  I was the last to leave and Angela parked my car so I couldn’t find it right away.  I go down a street – it is a college student street – and they are having some kind of robotics competition.  There are massive robots set up in front of every house (each robot is almost as big as each house).  I notice my cell phone starts behaving oddly when I get close to the large robots.  I connect what my uncle said earlier to this occurrence and realize something really is going on, some magnetic phenomenon causing electronic (and motor…) devices to do things on their own. I break into one of the houses and snoop.  I look in the cupboards.  Then I have to use the bathroom so I go back to McDonalds and I see two of my friends – Melissa and Meredith there. Meredith comes inside and tells Melissa, “I think you ran over your drugs with the tire of your car”.  Melissa goes outside to take care of car/drugs……I am not sure if this relates to the metal conspiracy or if Melissa is just a druggie, in my dream.

ROBOTS:  Dream Forth tells me that robots suggest a structured, repetitious, mechanical and unemotional way of going about my life.  I’m quite sure my husband would argue with Dream Forth on this, at least in terms of the unemotional part.  I cry at 90% of commercials and movies that we watch together.  Maytag commercials around holiday time?  Check. Movie scene depicting a kid who is bullied, and then becomes a hero?  Check.  Serial killer in a movie pets a kitten?  Check.  Cow affectionately licks farmer on a milk commercial? Check.  I really don’t discriminate.  My husband has a very strict anti-talking policy, during T.V. or movie watching, yet he regularly breaks his own rule when he says to me, “Are you crying, again?”.  All I have to say in regards to this is that since the advent of DVR, the whole no-talking-during-T.V. policy seems outdated.  Come on, you can effing pauseYou can rewind.   Not that I am able to talk very much while boohooing anyway, so perhaps this is a moot point.

Dream Moods says perhaps I have lost the ability to express my feelings.  I do tend to hold emotions in, and continue to do so, until BLAM!  A fissure forms and uncontrollable pressures and volumes emit from my wordhole.  Sometimes liquids spew from my eyeballs at the same time.  I’m sort of like a volcano.  Of course, I’ve always been that, so technically I wouldn’t say I’ve lost the ability to effectively express myself, verbally.  It’s always been a bit of a disability area, for me.  A small scale vent erupted yesterday.  During a horrible frustrating bullshit important work meeting, I continued to blurt out accusatory statements, sarcastic comments and a multitude of questions to our principal, while simultaneously refusing to smile at her inane jokes.    Maybe not such a smart thing to do.  Humpsh. Oh well. 

Way of Tao has a slightly different interpretation and says that perhaps the robots in my dream mean I have a mechanical way of being.  Hm, if this means I mechanically leave all the lights on in the house, mechanically leave the cupboards open and mechanically forget what I went into a room for, the minute I step into said room, then perhaps this is accurate.  Instead of calling me lazy or forgetful, this behavior can now be referred to as robotic.  That sounds better, right?
STEAK FRIES (EW. HASHBROWNS ARE BETTER):  Dream moods didn’t specifically have information regarding steak fries, but they did tell me that french fries in my dream suggests that I should not overlook the frivolous and seeminly minute things in life.  Ok, these interpretations are making me seem like a veritable dullard.  I do enjoy the little things.  I become happily obsessed with creative hobbies, that change by the day. I enjoy my coffee dates with friends and chatting with my family.  I get excited about strange things, like my favorite mineral (Quartz – SiO2!) or my favorite element (Carbon!) or my favorite cell organelle (Lysosomes!).   I’ve got a lot of little favorites and they might be weird or silly, but certainly all combine to create a pretty splended and fulfilling life.
METAL:  This is what the robots were made of.  Way of Tao tells me that because metal is usually ‘prepared’ or shaped into something for display, seeing metal in my dreams means I am portraying something other than my organic nature .  I’m pretty sure that my principal saw more bitchiness of my organic nature than she wanted to see.  I need to work a bit on my uncontrollable rage extreme emotional displays, at times.  Way off base this time, Tao.  Dream moods tells me that seeing metal in my dreams signifies strength and character.  I like this one.

DRUGS:  Way of Tao suggests that dreaming about drugs can be indicative of not facing the idea of substance abuse.   Well, we have established in previous posts that my two glasses of wine at night is not a substance abuse problem, but merely a formal scientific investigation. You can’t argue with science. (Sidebar:  Do you know that even though the defitinition of science is the methodical study of the material world, and “answers” are constantly updated as new material emerges, people still DO argue with science?  A few examples of those barmy peeps are The Flat Earth Society members, or those who believe in Geocentrism.  Note that these are REAL websites, not parodies.  Scary.)   
Current count of dreams that include drugs:  2.

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