10 Ways Infertility Prepares You for Parenthood

Infertility sucks.  But, while it depresses you, drains your bank account and almost kills you in the short-term, in the long run it can be good preparation for parenthood.  Some might say it even makes you a better parent than you would have become otherwise, if you let it. Here’s how getting the short straw before becoming a parent can be a benefit, once you … Continue reading 10 Ways Infertility Prepares You for Parenthood

Life Lessons We Can Learn From A One Year Old

Parenting is the ultimate responsibility – as guardians we are charged with the terrifying intimidating task of teaching another human being how to BE.  It can be overwhelming to think that you (often accompanied by a partner) are responsible for preparing your little one to deal with every aspect of life.  Gulp. But, in addition to being alarming, scary and fatiguing, parenting can also be edifying.  As … Continue reading Life Lessons We Can Learn From A One Year Old

Badges of Honor

I have been practicing yoga for almost 5 years now – I began on the recommendation of my family doctor, when I was struggling with anxiety.   From the moment I started, I was surrounded by teachers I connected with and have missed very few weeks without attending a session ever since.  It has changed my life; it has made a tremendous difference in improving … Continue reading Badges of Honor

On Gratitude and Compassion.

This is the week where we are reminded to reflect on what we are thankful for.  This year my biggest gratitude and thanks go to Baby Grouch. She makes me happy simply because she is she.  I am grateful for her smiles, her snores, her little grasp on my finger, her cuddles and coos.  I’m grateful for her cries and her tears and for the … Continue reading On Gratitude and Compassion.