Proof That Not Only My Mother Reads My Blog. And, This Other Person LIKES It.

Oh, lucky me!  Laura, at Catharsis, has chosen to honor me with The Versatile Blogger Award.  Don’t tell my grandma, she’ll get the story confused and start telling everyone she knows that I won a Pulitzer.

Rules for accepting the award include showcasing the award on my blog (see above), linking back to the person who awarded me with the award (click!  Laura’s blog is great) and revealing 5 things about myself to y’all, that you might not know.  So here it goes:

1.  My belly button is an outie.  Which is fine.  We don’t all need identical belly buttons, do we?  Apparently, my pediatrician felt we all should.  He thought it would be a genius idea to try shoving a cotton all against it and taping it, in a vain attempt to make it an innie.   They tried this until I was over a year old before giving up on that idea.  Really?

2. I have very sensitive teeth.  I buy prescription toothpaste from the dentist.

3.  I illegally got a tattoo when I was in high school, at age 17.  It isn’t really much to look at, but it means something to me, so I like it, a lot.  When my dad found out a) He was beyond pissed, b) He poked the tattooed area with a straight pin and asked me if that was what it felt like when I got it.

4. Last winter I got 6 sinus infections.  That is one record I am not trying to beat this year.

5. When I was 2 or 3, I was in a “Mid-Michigan” Commercial. They didn’t actually get consent from my parents and my babysitter noticed I was on T.V. I think my parents could have gotten a lot of money out of this situation, but all we got was a VHS copy of the commercial.

Naturally, I have to pass this along to 5 of my favorite bloggers, which you should absolutely check out!  And, when you do, be sure to leave a comment, to let them know you stopped by.  Wordpress also has a “like” feature.  Handy for when the cat’s got your tongue.

1.  Reading (and Chickens):  Seriously, go check her out.  Go now.  Her little eclectic blurbs are witty and entertaining.  And, even though “reading” is in her blog name, she actually uses drawings to accompany her text.  To illustrate her points, so to speak.

2. Rosie Says:  This is a phenomenal chick.  Her blog examines gender equity, media portrayal of.gender roles and all things equality.  Hopefully she doesn’t take offense to me calling her, “chick”.  Good stuff.

3.  The Greenery:  A Garden Blog with ADHD.  I may have a black thumb, but I can still appreciate the gardening tips, beautiful photos of plants and posts about writing, traveling, history, and Otis the cat.  Versatile, indeed.

4.  Seeking Sanity, Somewhat:   A woman’s blog about her life, and her search for sanity.  Categories include alcohol, anxiety, yoga and “death fucking sucks ass”.  Can you say relatable?

5. CraftWhack:  A creative genius with a wicked sense of humor.

Happy Reading!

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