Sleeping Poorly & Crazy Dreams

Quite frankly, I think people can get too wrapped up with interpretations of dreams.  My husband once told me to never mention a certain dream I used to have about my teeth falling apart into pieces, because his grandmother would think it was bad luck.  Really?  Because I think I am just grinding my teeth while I sleep.  In fact, I can feel a little chunk missing out of one of my incisors, if I rub it with my tongue.  She isn’t with us anymore (may her memory be eternal) so I can speak of this, now.

Coming from that viewpoint, it should come as no surprise that I have compiled a few random dream dictionaries and entertain myself by seeing how others would analyze the various components of my dreams.

What can I say, I can be wishy-washy.

Dream Forth – Dream Interpretation

Inspired By Dreams (Formerly: Way of Tao)

Dream Moods – A to Z Dream Dictionary


A Special Fart. One I View Lovingly.

Sleeping On Your Deathbed or Yes, Those Are My Great-Grandfather’s Teeth In A Jar, On My Shelf


Nyquil is the Antichrist

These Irish Peepers Give Others The Creepers


My Pretty, My Precious

My Pretty, My Precious: An Update

How Could I Not Dream About The Accident?

Grouchy Pants. Or, Grouchy No-Pants.

We Wants It, We Needs It. Must Have The Precious.

Heather, The Sleepwalker: An Introduction

An Un-Sexy Sleeper

Heather, The Sleepwalker: A Brief History

Sleep Deprivation Can Make You Do Stupid Things. Or, Maybe I Have ADD.

The New Normal, or, Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming!

I Stalk My Family When They Sleep.  And Take Pictures.

Sleep Studies Suck


Dream # 1: Pregnant, Homeless Druggie, Gwyneth Paltrow

Dream #2: A Vacation, A Bloody Knife and Mean Friends

Dream #3: A Spider, A Nautilus and Spontaneous Combustion

Dream #4: School Board Room, Dunce Cap, Kicking White Horse

Dream #5: Kelsey Grammer, Swimming and Portobello Mushrooms

Dream #6: McDonalds Hashbrowns and Metal Robots

Dream #7: Blood Drawn, Bartending, Beheading, Blood Cell Cartoons

Dream #8: Earthquakes, Dangerous Jewelry, Lots of Evil Villains

Dream #9: Little Boy and Burning Blimps

Dream # 10: Greek Dancing on the Moon and Mononucleosis

Dream #11: Kegger, Special Cookies, Cheap Dresses and Submerged Cars

Dream #12: Personified Cheesecake

Dream #13: Ear Tucks, Great-Grandfather Ed and Hair Made Out of Yarn

Dream #14 : To Burn Or Not To Burn

Dream # 15: Mini-Triceratops, Boats and Hippos

Dream # 16:  Death By Freshwater Mussel

Dream # 17:  Growing and Trafficking Miniscule Humans


9 thoughts on “Sleeping Poorly & Crazy Dreams

  1. Funny you having the dream about teeth……. me too……. apparently it is not uncommon (did my own post on the subject a little while ago if you fancy a browse) My other recurring Nod Vision was toilets (experts say due to stress and not being able to relieve it).
    Have only been blogging a few months but finding it very rewarding and interesting to see what other people write about and their view on things. Think I’ll tag along with you if that’s OK.

    • Yes, the teeth one I hear a lot about! I’ll have to check out your post on the subject. I haven’t heard the toilet one – that is too funny (the image, not the deep-seated reason behind it). Def okay to tag me, thanks!

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