Don’t Forget.

Don’t forget.

Where you put the keys.

To get the milk.

To turn off the lights.



Don’t forget.

To say words that are true.

And kind.

And to say them often.



Don’t forget.

To focus.

On what’s important.

On who’s important.



Don’t forget.

That inside, somewhere,

Could be the monster

that will eraseย the past.



Know today, that I love you.

Delight in you.

And etched in my brain, right now,

Is every bit of you.



In case I can’t say it tomorrow,

Or the next day.

It’s important, this.

Please honey,ย don’t forget.

Alzheimer's takes away the past.  Please honey, don't forget.

Alzheimer’s takes away the past. Please honey, don’t forget.

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31 thoughts on “Don’t Forget.

    • I appreciate this, especially considering the fact that about an hour after every post i publish I am convinced that i just put out the most ridiculous piece of shit ever and I should throw my whle blog i the trash. Guess I won’t do that today….lol

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