16 thoughts on “The Staples Chilling in An Infertile’s Refrigerator

  1. Although it is not exciting this is what you have to go through it is really exciting knowing that you are going through it for another baby! When do you start?

    Confession: I do get a little jealous about your wine as all of mine sits in the basement currently =/ LOL! That’s the only thing I miss (at the moment)! Hopefully you’ll be missing it soon enough too 🙂

  2. Hope is a good thing. We can’t get too far down any road without it. Looks like you’re heading in the right direction, too.

    Lots of hope from me to you. Hang in there.

    • Miracle bullshit, indeed. Two hour trek to the doctor today to tell me I already have a cyst and can’t start this cycle. So easy to get sucked down…but I’m determined to stay more optimistic this time!

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